The Kmart Effect

Can anyone remember what Kmart was like only a few years ago? It was (cover your ears Kmart) shit! I’m going to be honest because it was. Oh I shopped there-for crap basically. You knew the risks involved in buying something from Kmart and therefore you only purchased things that didn’t matter-like containers and pajamas. BUT! Kmart got smart. Kmart tuned into the fact that there was a market for realistic priced homewares for the every day shopper!  And Kmart did gooood!

As someone who has worked in homeware and furniture stores, I’ve seen customers turn over an item, check the price,  give the look of horror, slowly return the item back to its original spot and ninja style exit the store. I’ve been that person! If you are lucky enough to be able to purchase these higher priced homewares then I envy you! I love a designer piece more than anyone. My dream is to have a house (maybe a few) full of amazing designer homewares one day. But reality is we, like many, are a single income family and I have a homeware addiction so bargain buys are my thing. So somewhere like Kmart is perfect for me. I can buy on trend items within our budget. I can have my home decorated the way I like without over drawing our bank account. And so can you!

I would gladly recommend certain items to my clients when decorating their homes. Spend the big dollars on big items like furniture and buy your pretties from places like Kmart, Target and The Reject Shop. A lot of the time people spend all their money on the larger items and are left with no money spare to finish the room. For around $100 you could buy a floor rug, a canvas wall art, a few scatter cushions and maybe a homeware piece or two from Kmart. Room done! And you can add to it later once you’ve saved up some dollars again. Smart decorating.

Yes I still support small businesses but to be 100% honest I like the best of both worlds! Being able to combine big retailer items with one of a kind handmade or locally sourced pieces is great! It means that your house won’t look like the Kmart catalogue. It gives you your own uniqueness. By all means support local and buy from the little guys-I do. Even make your own items if you have the skills! My point is that places like Kmart are making it easier for the average Joe like myself to have a house where friends come over and say ‘wow, your house looks great! You must spend SO much on homewares’. No I don’t! And I have places like Kmart to thank. Well played Kmart buying and design team. Well played.


One thought on “The Kmart Effect

  1. Diana says:

    There’s fantastic placed now days where you can pick up awesome bargains without having to spend $1000’s of dollars

    Zoe – this information is extremely useful .. especially to a numpty stylist like me !!


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