Interview With Moody

PhotoGrid_1463551363279Interior decorating doesn’t always come naturally to some. You may want a gorgeous home but aren’t quite sure where to start. Where should you shop? How do you know how much to spend? What style of items should you purchase? Thanks to a growing industry called E-Design, you can now obtain the help of an experienced Interior Decorator via email and social media. Today I speak to Eden Curley who is the owner and creator of Moody. An Australian owned, online e-design company making it easier for the every day interior lover to achieve their dream home.


PhotoGrid_1463552147953Eden, please explain to readers, what is Moody? Moody is virtual design (e-design) company. A new form of Interior Design. We search, shop, and design a space for you. Providing you with a price list with where to purchase items and how much they cost. It’s like a DIY interior design concept. I design the space on one of our virtual design boards and you purchase the products from the price list provided and install. This new way of interior design is not only affordable but appealing for it’s convenience as the entire process is carried out via email. Within just a few emails I can create a beautiful space whatever your requirements. It is also budget friendly as you can shop the product price list one item at a time or all at once, whichever you prefer.

Tell us about your work history and why you decided to start Moody? I have always worked in customer service because I love helping people. Now I have a husband and 2 little ones to help. I’m a stay at home mum of 2. A pro shopper, party queen, interior design lover. I always know where to buy the best items and how much they cost. I use every excuse I get to throw a party (for party spam see my personal Instagram account @edencurley). I love anything and everything homewares. I first fell in love with interiors when I got to decorate our home, now I’m obsessed with all things kids room. The business idea started when I designed a nursery on one of my boards for my sisters new baby. Everything peach. If she wanted to buy all the items, others might too? And from there I started designing room after room.

How long have you been open and where do you work from? We are nearly one month old and growing fast! As a work at home mum, I work whenever I can get a second! Which is usually in between nappy changes and nap times…

PhotoGrid_1463552115877What services do you provide to your clients?
We currently offer our clients three e-design options:

BASIC $25.00 – This is the purchase of the product information and price list of one of our existing boards. (Gallery of boards on our Instagram or Facebook).

CUSTOM $50.00 – Clients are provided with design options, colours, styles and theme preference are discussed all via email. One review of the custom designed board is offered. The product information and price list is sent upon completion.

PERSONALISED $100.00 – This design board is budgeted to fit within the clients requirements. Clients are provided with design options, colour, styles and theme preferences are discussed all via email. One review of the budgeted design board is offered. The product information and price list is sent upon completion.

What has been the best moment so far for Moody?
We recently did our first shop fit out for a local bridal store. It was so much fun and I cannot wait to see it installed!

PhotoGrid_1463552134172What has been the biggest challenge for you and your business so far and how have you overcome it? The biggest challenge has been getting my name out there. Including at least one small business into each of my boards helps spread my name by being featured on their social media.

Do you have any creative influences and if so who are they? I have never really followed any interior designer in particular. But I do like watching all the home renovation shows on TV. I find inspiration from shops, fabrics, textiles and artwork. I like a more masculine/industrial type of style, crossed with a log cabin in the mountain feel. Natural wood, black steel, glass, industrial lamps, knitted cushions, greys. One day I will own a logo cabin in the woods, on a lake… (with wifi).

What interior trends do you currently love? I love decorating for winter. As I love a log cabin feel. Even though we live in Australia, go figure! Although I married a Canadian so I guess it kinda makes sense. Everything fur, chunky knits, raw wood furniture. Loving all things velvet. Oh and did you hear that terracotta and cork are the new up and coming trend 😍.

What tip can you give for home decorators? Buy what you love and can’t live without. If u love it, it will never be out of style.

PhotoGrid_1463571413693Do you get time to decorate your own home? I rearrange the house hmm weekly…. Ok kidding, DAILY! I don’t buy things for our home often unless I love them. But I do move things from place to place for a different feel. Often asking hubby do you like what’s different. He never notices, sometimes says ‘did you get a haircut’? …. lol (He’s a good man).

When you aren’t decorating or working with clients, what do you love to do in your down time? I love pj days. Movies, naps and ice cream.

What is your vision for your Moody? To design beautiful spaces. I have always loved this quote “some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.” Interior design is usually for people who have a lot of money. Being a stay at home mum, I’ve wanted to create a home that looks beautiful but on a tight budget. I shop all stores, Pottery Barn vs Kmart. Expensive vs inexpensive. You can make any space beautiful on any budget. You just need to know where to look and what to put together. And I can help with that!

What other small businesses on social media do you enjoy following and would recommend? For interiors I love  @oh.eight.oh.nine. For the best of the best partyware I enjoy following @rubyrabbitparty and @studiodiy. And for lifestyle/mumlife, @kateoliver is fabulous.

PhotoGrid_1463552182998Is there anything else you would like to add?
Virtual E-design allows me to design a space you will love, on the budget you have. Creating a beautiful space for you and your little ones.

Kind words from one of our happy clients:

“You nailed my vision in one. I’ve had two interior designers in, they charged a fortune and never understood what I wanted. You did! A few emails and you knew. Thankyou. –Lilygracebridal.



Instagram: @moody_aus

As a thank you to our readers, Moody would like to offer 20% off all three of their online services. Simply use the discount code 20DIYBLOG at checkout. 

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