Boho Dreaming

Boho style. An eclectic mix of gorgeous patterns, colours, textures and items reflective of the free spirited Bohemian ways. A trend that blends together different cultures and different time periods. It’s a style we have seen come and go for many years now, and one that we will still see for years to come. It is currently one of the hottest trends of 2017 as has evolved into a creative, free flowing interior style. The Boho interior trend is accomplished by creating a decorative space inclusive of different colours, patterns and textures that work together harmoniously. From the gorgeous white on white spaces with added touches of raw timber, through to a bright and bold culturally inspired Boho style, there’s a Bohemian theme that can work in most homes. I adore a rustic interior fitted out with a medley of Boho inspired pieces full of texture and pattern. But just as much, I love seeing a modern space which has been decorated with a mix of both Boho inspired and more modern designed pieces. So how can you add this beautiful style into your home? It’s easier than you may think. Especially right now when there are many small Australian small businesses offering gorgeous Boho inspired pieces at affordable prices. For anyone who saw my recent social media post on my Boho bedroom makeover, you can see that it only takes a few key pieces to create a dreamy Bohemian themed space. I have today teamed up with amazing Australian company Lost Design Society to share with you how to source some amazing products and replicate this gorgeous style in your own home.

So who is Lost Design Society? This Melbourne based, youthful online homewares business with a passion for eclectic and handmade homewares offer a stunning range of items sourced from across the globe. LDS launched their business on Instagram in September 2016 and release new collections regularly via their website. Each collection is only available for a short time period, with some often being exclusive to LDS, sourced from boutique handmade suppliers, such as the current live collection of Hmong Cushion which is available for the rest of January. These are perfect for the Boho style and are something I have in my own home. The Hmong cushions, found here on the LDS website, are a product that gives back to the local community that creates them. Unlike mass produced items, you can really feel the amazing quality of handmade fabric. These cushions are made to last and are a classic piece to have in the home that you know will last the test of time. A piece that grows on your as it gets a little rough around the edges from lots of loving use. I have the inside word that LDS are planning some exciting new Boho related ranges which will be released soon, including handmade Turkish Tableware, Morrocan & Indian Textiles, Rattan & Bamboo Furnishings & much more! So if beautiful, handmade items are your style, keep an eye out on the Lost Design Society website, or Instagram page.

There are many types of Boho style, with four well known styles:

MODERN BOHO. Probably the most favoured Boho theme of 2017. Combining modern trends with the 70’s Bohemian design, this look includes a lot of white on white with various textures including timbers, furs and earthy plants. Throw in a couple of vintage furniture pieces, along with some fairy lights and on trend prints, and you’ve got yourself a chilled out, on trend hang out zone.

MULTICULTURAL BOHO.  A gorgeous style of Boho design which takes you away to a foreign country. A combination of cultural items merged together to create an inviting, eye-catching space. Think colourful glass lanterns, low timber tables, ottomans and floor cushions which give a relaxed, outdoorsy feel. Bold, rich colours with strong patterns are often used in this style to create an area which not only looks but feels like you are in somewhere like Morocco or India.

EURO BOHO. Think Peacock or hanging cane chairs, beaded embellishments, tassels, lace and crochet decor. This relaxed Bohemian style lets combine a mixture of collected items and putting them together as you please. It’s a bit of a messy, eclectic look. But it works! It’s a interior style that reflects you and your personality. Free-spirited.

WESTERN BOHO. With a 60’s knod, this look contains bright patterns and items such as canopies, tie dye fabrics, low to the floor beds, hemp items and butterfly chairs. Think rustic timbers, Tribal rugs and succulent plants including cacti. The addition of leather to the theme gives an almost relaxed, Wild West feel.

When I think of the Bohemian style, one of the first things to come to mind is Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks. That free, hippie style and fashion trend translated into interior decor is wonderful! Take inspiration from Boho inspired fashion, art, photography, books etc, and translate them into your interior. Pick the type of Boho style which best suits you and your interior. The style I prefer, and would introduce into my own home is the crisp, clean, bright look with lots of raw elements and greenery. If you like an ethnic element, go in more of an Indian or Moroccan direction. Still starting with that neutral base but adding your theme and keeping it Boho rather than a strong cultural theme. There kind of is no wrong way of introducing a Boho vibe into a space. It’s a free spirited style and so you have to flexibility to create your own design and make your own style. Don’t be overwhelmed by this trend. You only need to add as much as you are comfortable with. Although colour and pattern can be a bit much to some, once you get the hang of working with them, you will become addicted to mixing together different items and creating your own unique Bohemian blend.

Start with a base of neutral tones, allowing you to add pops of colour, texture, and pattern as you go to build up the theme. This way you can add in layers bit by bit until you find the right amount suitable for your interior. As I always say, start with larger items and work your way down to the smaller ones. Art, floor rug, lighting, soft furnishings and finishing with decor pieces. This allows you to fill the space as needed. Make sure you stand back after each addition to see what the room needs next. For a Boho theme, have a strong idea of what type of style you are going for so you don’t go too off track with the design. Once your furniture is selected, look at finding some art pieces to take inspiration from. From here you can add in some gorgeous patterned cushions, textured floor rugs and thrown blankets, and a mix of homewares including items such as lanterns, ceramic pieces, statues etc. As a finishing touch, add some ambience with some candles and maybe even some type of fairy lighting if that fits your style of Boho theme. And always finish with greenery! All decor styles need plants, but especially a Boho theme.

Remember that the Boho theme, like the Bohemian way of life, is laid back and free flowing. So your approach to using the decor style should be the same. Do your research, find the Boho style that you love most and which will work best in your home. Browse online and find stores with products you love and even put together a mood board of items before you start to see if they work together. Feel comfortable with the style and you will find it will come together easily. Most importantly, have fun with it and be experimental! It’s what decorating is all about and it’s the Bohemian way.


*Lanterns & Blue Cushions via Lost Design Society. Use discount code ‘THEDIYDECORATOR‘ for 10% off purchases for the rest of January when shopping online with Lost Design Society. 



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