Trends. Even if you don’t think you are following them, you more than likely are. Whether it’s an interior trend, fashion trend, fitness and diet trend, food trend or beauty trend, they are always present in our lives, influencing our decisions. Sometimes without us even realising. Trends are forever changing. Always leading us to make new decisions and go down certain paths in our lives. There is absolutely nothing wrong with following trends. It is something we’ve become accustomed to and live by. There are people who follow a trend exactly as they see them and then there are those who got against the grain and make a trend their own. Neither is better than the other, but for me you should always add your own style and leave your own mark, whatever trend it is you follow. By this I mean that you don’t have to recreate something exactly as you see it. Creating a carbon copy of something might satisfy you but it doesn’t show off your own flair and individuality. I can only speak as an Interior Decorator and relate to home decorating (I have zero say when it comes to beauty trends as I have #mumhair and own a bunch of expired makeup…and don’t even get me started on fitness trends #noidea) but when it comes to following a trend, I do know it’s important to be different. There is not as much fun in simply recreating a catalogue or copying something straight from a home decorating magazine. Yes, follow the trend if you fall in love with it. But make it your own. Create your very own trend and style. Resulting in an interior that shines.

To show you how you can follow a trend but add your own unique twist to it, I have teamed up with Australian furniture and home décor king Matt Blatt to update my own master bedroom in the very on trend Boho style. But with something a little extra to make it my own and reflect my personal style. I adore the Bohemian and Tribal styles but as I do prefer a neat and ‘less is more’ approach to decorating, I have relaxed the overall look by sticking to a neutral colour palette and adding in texture over pattern and colour. When decorating, it’s not just about filling a space with items that fit the style or trend. It’s about including unique, key pieces that become a focal point in the room, and working around them. Matt Blatt is known for bold, colourful and unique pieces, however they also stock a range of gorgeous neutral pieces, perfect for those who like a more subtle look to their interior. The four items I have chosen to work with from their range are:

Stockholm Nestling Table Set ($295). I chose this item as it is a piece not traditionally used within the Boho style, but it works for the style I’ve created. The side tables are a classic design which are usually used in more retro or modern spaces. But the use of timber as one of the textural elements is something I wanted to include in the room.

Norway Storage Basket ($36). More of a tribal item but it still works due to the natural theme and neutral colours. The addition of the black and the leather strap handles again adds in another fibre, along with another level of depth with the darker colours.

Ember Wall Hanging ($59). The most Boho related item I chose from the Matt Blatt range for the room. Very on trend and fitting for the room. A great alternative to an art piece and great textural element.

Rizza Magazine Rack, Brass ($135). Traditionally, not a Boho style of item at all. But it works! Adding in a metallic feature adds in another layer of depth to the room and this particular piece also incorporates another form of texture, along with a sense of class with the added metallic bling. This piece also has a matching brass wall shelf which is DEVINE! Click here to see it on the MB website. 

So who is this Matt Blatt and what do they offer? Just over 15 years ago, a young husband and wife team (Mr & Mrs Blatt), opened a small furniture store in the heart of Marrickville, Sydney. With the motto ‘We’re not in the furniture business, we’re in the entertainment business’, Matt Blatt has grown into one of Australia’s most well known furniture and homewares companies boasting ten showrooms spread across the country. MB is Australia’s go-to destination for exciting inspirational, iconic and unconventional furniture, lighting and homewares. Offering quirky, fun, high quality products for all types of interior and exterior spaces.

Click here to go to the Matt Blatt website and find these gorgeous items I have been lucky enough to work with for this blog, along with many more for yourself.

Using the four items mentioned above, I have combined them with existing pieces from within my home to create my very own style of Boho. I adore the trend but am one to always add my own flair and so have gone with what I’m calling a ‘natural, classy Boho‘ theme. Natural; as there is no use of bold or bright colour. Instead, I’ve concentrated on calming, neutral tones combined with textural elements. And classy; as I’ve added in touches of metallic elements and natural timbers. The look consists of sleek, neat lines which gives the room an inviting and modern look, whilst still being on trend with the Bohemian style. The brass magazine holder is an unexpected addition to the room but adds in a touch of masculinity and warmth. I adore its design and functionality as well. The set of timber side tables are another item which are practical for the room and are a focal point due to their unique and quirky design. Some people prefer to use enclosed side tables in their bedrooms for storage, but the Decorator in me likes to be a little different and instead use items such as side tables so that more decorative items can be incorporated into the room. Bedside essentials such as books, handcrafts etc can be popped away in the bathroom or wardrobe (sorry husband). And if you want to change the space, pop the nest of tables next to a chair and you’ve got an instant reading nook. Furniture pieces with multiple uses are a great investment! And the same goes for decor pieces. Such as the MB Norway storage basket/hamper. Great to use in a master or guest bedroom for storage or to pop dirty laundry in, or in a kids bedroom or playroom for toy storage. However for my room, I have used it to house a plant as it ties in the Boho, natural look I am after. I love using greenery when decorating and include plants in every room in my own home. You can pick up some great planters to display plants in, though for a Bohemian style, I like to use items such as woven baskets and the hampers to pop my indoor plants in. Finally, the classic Bohomian style woven wall hanging is the perfect addition to my room to reflect the overall look I am after. I personally love using wall decor when decorating. They are a feature in themselves and make a change from using artwork, prints or photos. This Matt Blatt wall hanging is a perfect piece for our master bedroom as it is neutral, textured and fits perfectly on the allocated wall.

With the addition of the mostly non traditional Boho pieces from Matt Blatt, I feel that I’ve created a tranquil and inviting, on trend room which I am 100% happy with. It is still in keeping with the natural Bohemian theme, yet by adding my own touch to the trend and including some gorgeous key pieces, the space has come together with ease and isn’t a carbon copy of others Boho themed bedrooms. Who knows how long it will be until another trend catches my eye and has me changing the space. But for now, I will certainly be enjoying this light and bright room which I can’t stop looking at!

A big thank you to the team at Matt Blatt for allowing me to work with such beautiful pieces.


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