Colour Injection

IMG_20171022_122009_628Using colour in decorating can be overwhelming. Even for an Interior Decorator like myself. During my Interior Decorating TAFE course, we had to create a mood board using our least favorite colour. The reason we were given this assignment was that as decorators, we would face the challenge of using colours we disliked when working with clients in the future. So it was a good idea to appreciate all colours, even ones you struggle with using. Definetly one of my favorite projects which I certainly learnt from and used later in my career. I chose the colour yellow. A colour I never liked and knew I would struggle to use. By completing the assignment, I learnt that you shouldn’t be scared to use any colour within an interior because the more your learn about a colour, including its different shades, what other colours and finishes it goes well with, and which items it’s best suited to, the better you understand the colour and actually come to love and appreciate it. I received a great grade for my assignment and found a whole new love for yellow at the same time. A very beneficial project which still gives me inspiration to experiment and learn about colours. Fun fact; mustard, a shade of yellow, is now one of my favorite colours 💛 Obviously my daughter Harper (above) is a fan of pink 💗

I’ll fully admit that using colour can still make me nervous. I am a person who wears a lot of black and who loves neutral tones and textures over bold, bright colour in my own home. But I am evolving. Experimenting. And learning more about how to use colour for both my own and my clients style. So today I want to share with you all how to go about introducing colour into your own home and using it in ways to suit your interior. And also to show you how I have used some stunning bedding from Siesta Home in my own bedroom to achieve a colourful, eclectic look.

PhotoGrid_1508638272642Who is Siesta Home? You may have seen their eye catching bedding range as you have been scrolling Instagram as it is a brand that is popping up everywhere right now! Siesta Home is a Melbourne based business started by Mum of two, Designer and former Olympic snowboarder, Joh Lyle. Joh, known for her colourful snowboarding outfits seen during the 2006 and 2010 Olympic Games, began Siesta Home after renovating her Melbourne home and finding herself gravitate towards colours, patterns and prints. After completing her renovations, she designed a gorgeous range of bedding collections with the mission to inspire people to bring some fun and colour into the bedroom PhotoGrid_1508638155257and to be experimental with their bedding choices. Siesta’s new Nomad range is inspired by the feeling of wanderlust. Being surrounded by nature and starry nights, the collection is an eclectic spectrum of unexpected colours and textures that encourage a mix & match mentality. The luxe range features beautiful, high quality materials including cotton velvet, cotton linen and cotton percale.

I am lucky enough to have in my posession the Storm Dust/Gypsy reversible duvet cover and a pair of the Fern Velvet pillow covers from the new Siesta Home Nomad range, which I have included in my colour injection bedroom makeover. The colour of the duvet cover is simply stunning! A gorgeous, rusty IMG_20171022_180954_541mustard tone on one side, and a beautiful, bright hot pink on the reverse side. A statement piece in itself. Complementing the cover are the devine, luxe velvet pillow slips. Beautiful to look at and to touch. Soft, luscious and beyond comfortable to rest your head on at the end of a long day, let me tell you! Pure luxury. I love the idea of mixing different colours in bedding. It’s something that’s easy to change and which can be layered and rearranged to your own liking. If you want to add a burst of colour to a room, I suggest introducing your main colour(s) first. I like the colour blocking technique (solid colour over pattern and texture) which is why the Siesta range is something I love working with. That’s not to IMG_20171022_181452_704say that you can’t mix bright colours with pattern. Style is style. It’s an individual thing which works if you love it. However it looks. My tip would be to plan your use of colour before making your purchases. Scour the internet. Gain inspiration from Pinterest and make yourself a colour inspiration board. After a while, you’ll see a style emerge. Along with discovering what colours take your fancy. And you can take inspiration from both these things. Also, create a mood board. Check that the items look good together before committing to owning them. Start with your solid colours and then layer with different tones of those colours. Or texture or pattern. Or a mix ofmdifferent colours. Have fun with it! But don’t go overboard and create a mess of colours. A great tip is that when you think the room is done, remove one item or finish, as quite often there is too much happening and by removing an element you will create a more harmonious look. It is easy to over do it when decorating. So always take a step back.

IMG_20171022_181319_145If you are eager to include colour in your home but don’t think a eclectic mix of colour is for you, use different tones of the same colour instead. Or add in some textural items such as tassel cushions or some leather items to tone down the overall colour scheme. To compliment my Siesta Home bedding, I have used cushions and a throw blanket to break up the bright mustard and green and bring it some natural elements to the room as well. This creating a more colourful, eclectic, Boho style rather than just a room based on colour. I have used a gorgeous textured cushion from Sea Tribe, a faux tan leather cushion from Kmart and some beautiful green patterned cushions from Earth Ink to compliment the bedding and add in my own personal style to the bedroom. A natural coloured, light throw blanket from IKEA and a patterned, IMG_20171022_181401_222monochrome second quilt cover from Spotlight finishes the layering of the bed. Above the bed, I’ve added in some more colour, along with texture, by hanging a beautifully made piece by Macrame By Bec. Colour in artworks or wall hangings is a great way to incorporate even more colour into a room. You could of course tone down the colours on the wall, leaving items such as a bed or couch the focal point of a room. The same rule applies with decorative items. You could choose colourful items to compliment the other items of colour used in the space, or tone down the colour scheme by choosing more natural homewares. Plants are also a fantastic idea when adding colour to a room. Colours pop against greenery and as I always say, a plant, whether real or artificial, finishes a room.

PhotoGrid_1508660759670So, what colours do you use? Whatever colours you like! Your favourite colour. A selection of colours you personally love. Or be brave and use colours outside of your comfort zone. Take inspiration from something you love. An item of clothing. A piece of artwork or a photograph. Or simply use your favorite colour or favourite combination of colours. Colour is fun! And should be fun to work with. And like I said before, you are free to use it however you like to create your own individual style. What rules? Go all out and use a variety of colours like my example mood board to the left made using the Style Sourcebook website.

Colour is happy. Playing with colour in any form of life is fun. I know that since adding the Siesta Home bedding and some other items of colour in to our bedroom, it has immediately become a more inviting room in our home and the use of colour creates an instant mood boost the moment you enter it. So as the days warm up and summer draws near, why not be brave and add a colour injection in to your home too 💙💚💛💜

Zoe – The DIY Decorator