Amart Oslo Replica Coffee Table

DSC_0381Back when I was studying for my interior diploma, one of the subjects I enjoyed learning about the most was the history of furniture design. I went in to the course thinking furniture was just something appealing that looked nice within an interior. I finished the course with a whole new appreciation and respect for all furniture designs. Pieces made in the Modernist furniture period especially are some of personal favorite designs. To own one of these original designs would be amazing. However, finding an original and being able to afford one is something that someone like me can only dream about. But that doesn’t mean we have to miss out! Places like Amart Furniture, are offering amazing and affordable replica furniture pieces which the every day home decorator, like myself, can own.

DSC_0348For today’s blog, I have the pleasure of working with the Oslo replica coffee table from Amart Furniture. Click here to view and for product info on the Amart website. A classic , Modernist design with an affordable price tag (currently on sale for $199, down from $249. Bargain!) I have loved this design from early on in my decorating career, so it was easy to choose which coffee table would be perfect in our home. A coffee table is a key piece to a living room. So choosing one that suits your style is key. This glass top table is both perfect for my home and my personal style of decorating. The timber base ties in perfectly with the other natural elements throughout my interior and the unique shape is perfect for our little living room space.

PhotoGrid_1510291270595When picking a coffee table that is right for you, consider the following. Is it a design you are happy with and fits in with your interior? Don’t always opt for items which are in trend. Trends don’t last, so choose something that you actually like and which looks like it belongs in your home. Is it practical for you and your family? If you have kids and don’t like cleaning fingerprints off the top of the table, avoid glass. Is it functional? Are you looking for something with storage or just somewhere to place items upon. Does it fit in the space it is going? Very important! Don’t buy a small coffee table if your room is large, and don’t by a huge table if your room is small. Measure the space you have before heading to the shops. If you aren’t sure what you want, jump online for a browse. Amart have many other great designs apart from the Oslo which are perfect for any style and any budget. Prices starting from just $59. Click here to see the many other coffee table designs in their range. Above left are a few more of my favorites from Amart as well.

Happy shopping and decorating!

Zoe – The DIY Decorator 

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