Creating an Eclectic Interior

IMG_20180129_060240_993Eclectic styling has always been a popular trend for interiors all across the world. But, as easy as it looks to do, it can in fact be a hard style to achieve. There’s actually a skill to creating the look. As hectic and spontaneous as the style appears, there is method behind the madness. If you are trying to create this interior style in your home, rather than throwing a bunch of items together and hoping for the best, plan the eclectic look you are after before you start. Do your research. Google search eclectic interiors and put together a collage of images that appeal to you. Browse stores, both in store and online, to see what’s available. And create a mood board, like my dining and living room eclectic board above made using the Design It Yourself Style Board maker. Assembling items and finishes via a digital mood board gives you an indication of the final result before you begin your decorating journey.

PhotoGrid_1516081676567Let’s start by exploring the eclectic interior trend a bit more. Although the word eclectic has been around for a long time, the eclectic decorating style is a more modern term. The style evolved when designers and architects realised that their particular style wasn’t that of others and so formed their own ‘eclectic style’ trend. Instead of sticking to one particular style, they combined features from other design trends to create this new look. Like these designers, to create a cohesive elclectic interior, you need to carefully put items together which are of interest via shape, texture and colour in order to come up with something that looks and feels harmonious.

PhotoGrid_1516066182519The style of eclectic really is an open book. But to make it work and not look like a junk store, there are some simple rules to keep in mind. Keep your background colours (walls, floors etc.) neutral so that your decorative items are the feature. I would suggest picking either 1 or 2 base colours to work with in your furniture and decorative pieces. This is so there is some harmony and repetition in the space. Using colours that work well together, such as olive green and mustard yellow, keeps the overall look appealing whilst still keeping with the eclectic look. Mix periods and styles. Use old items and new. These days you can get some great replica pieces, but do also go op-shopping or head to weekend garage sales to try and find some fun and quirky pieces.

PhotoGrid_1516066210670To create an eclectic interior, you can combine items which are retro, vintage, rustic and of other styles. It really is such an open form of decorating. Remember to use colour, texture and pattern to add depth to the space. Use items such as books and plants to fill gaps and add interest to the room. Velvets and luxurious fabrics tie in perfectly with the eclectic style. As do patterned rugs and bright cushions. The pops of colour against leather or timber furniture is a great contrast and makes the overall look pop. Really jump in and have fun with using colour and pattern. This is the perfect style to explore and experiment with them. But do remember to step back every now and then to make sure the space isn’t getting cluttered or losing its overall look. Why not try creating your own eclectic mood board using The Design It Yourself style board maker before you start to inspire you and give direction. As they say, practice makes perfect!

Zoe – The DIY Decorator