Harper in Colour Land

IMG_6931When I found out that I was having a girl when pregnant with Harper, I of course wanted to create something special for her room. But somehow I fell in to the trap of decorating it how I thought people would want to see it. Pink and grey, and on trend with the current Scandi inspired style. The room was gorgeous, don’t get me wrong. But it never felt quite right. I always strive to be a little out of the box when it comes to decorating. Especially so in my own home. So once Harper started to get a little older and I decided to part ways with the more baby items in her room, I began to create a toddler room which was decorated how I wanted it to look. And what I’ve created with the help of some amazingly kind Australian small businesses, I am beyond happy with.

IMG_6863The theme I really wanted to work with was colour. Our Instagram feeds are full of pretty pastel nurseries and monochrome kids room, which are absolutely adorable. But something I don’t see a lot of is colour. I think people can associate colour in kids rooms as a room which is full of toys, toys and more toys. Which, can be considered a bit a messy looking and maybe even a little tacky. So I challenged myself to create a room which was full of bright, beautiful and inspirational colour for my little girl. Who is already very colourful herself! Being the obsessive decorator that I am, I also wanted the room to be appealing to me as an adult and something that I won’t have to change in a hurry. So how did I achieve that? My top tip is to choose items which aren’t necessarily for kids. You don’t need to buy the paw patrol bedding and the train track floor rug. Pick items which are going to grow with them and stay on trend for years to come to avoid having to replace them in a few years time. Purchase furniture items which are plain coloured; white, timber or black. Then if you do want to change the look later on, it’s easier to do so as you aren’t stuck with coloured pieces that may not go with your new theme. Add in your colour, texture and pattern with the smaller items such as toys and soft furnishings. These are easier and less expensive to replace in future is need be.

PhotoGrid_1518697804048So how do you know what colours to use? You could either pick 2 or 3 preferred colours to work with to create a harmonious scheme. Or like me, use every colour of the rainbow. I wanted the full contrast of bright, multi colours against light timber and bright white. I did pick one colour which was hot pink, and made sure that every area of the room contained it. This was to give some uniformity and have a repetitive element which is always a good idea when decorating a room. Two items I adore and which are bursting with colour, is the felt ball garland from Hello Red Hen and hanging hot air balloon by Famille DesignsThese pops of bright colour really draw the eye to this area of the room. And how sweet is the little cloud wall hook from Ekokid Spaced In. A fun addition to the room and the perfect hanger for the garland.

PhotoGrid_1518590392703I believe that a floor rug is an essential addition to any room. And I also believe that it’s something that you need to invest a good amount of money in. The rug in Harper’s room is from Perth business Oh Happy Home, and I think is the perfect addition for this particular room and theme. Bright and colourful for kids and stylish and on trend to please adults like me as well. I think this particular design is perfectly suited to both a kids room or a living space for people who want to make an on trend space suitable for kids. To layer the floor, I’ve chosen to add a rainbow spotted play mat from My Mila And Me. And I’ve popped it under Harper’s canopy which makes a great little play and reading space for her to use for many years into the future.

PhotoGrid_1518658377879Every room needs a few key feature pieces. Larger items which catch the eye and compliment the smaller items. Of course, the floor rug from Oh Happy Home is one of these major pieces. As is the giant floor cushion from Sugarcane Trading Co. Both items which are great investment pieces that will last for years and can still be used as the kids grow. Another feature piece in the room is the large timber tree from Happee Trees. Both a functional and decorative piece, the tree is a great addition to the room as it adds some height and the natural beige tone breaks up the colour throughout the room nicely. The trees are available in 2 sizes (this is the large) and in an array of beautiful colours too. Another item used to add a level of height to the room is the timber ruler height chart from Drip Designs Studio. The detail and quality of painting on this piece is amazing! It really is a fantastic addition to the room and something we will cherish as the kids grow.

PhotoGrid_1518680318074Every little girl needs a pretty lamp in her room. And the gorgeous love heart one from Livly which Harper received is just beautiful. Not only does it output a bright white light when on, it’s a gorgeous piece in itself even when it’s off. I adore this piece for the room as it’s something I think Harper can keep with her from her baby years through to her adult ones. Another light up item in the room is the gorgeous personalised night-light from Bright Star Kids. It omits just the right amount of light which is perfect for helping a little one get to sleep. These are available in a range of other gorgeous colours and designs as well.

PhotoGrid_1518690575388I decided to keep the bedding simple as we all know its pointless to layer a kids bed with cushions and throw blankets which are going to be thrown on the floor multiple times a day by your darling child. So I chose instead to use some gorgeous linen for Harper’s room. A beautiful hand-made fitted cot sheet from Princess Panda Pants Co. The colourful hot air balloon print is absolutely adorable and ties in perfectly with the pops of colour throughout the rest of the room. To add more fun, I’ve used an island themed quilt cover from Eco Downunder which is neutral and breaks up the colour nicely whilst still being eye-catching with its beach design. Something I have done with both my kids, is instead of buying a cot sized quilt, I always have a single insert and buy single sized covers which I fold in half and tuck around the mattress. Then when the kids transfer to a single bed, they can still use the same bedding and I don’t have to buy new ones.



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Toys. What would a room be without toys? My favorite has to be wooden ones. Gorgeous to look at. And style with. Whilst of course being fun to play with as well.  The bright colours of these toys are already appealing to Harper. I see her eyeing them off up on the Vivid Styling Illusion Shelves already. She already loves playing with the blocks and Bambi wheelie. For all the details on the wooden toys, see the list of involved businesses at the end of the blog. As much as I like wooden toys, I did have to think of Harper and include some soft toys for her to play with now. I can be a bit fussy with toys. I like ones which look good and that the PhotoGrid_1518658710016kids will actually play with often. The Lamaze range by Tomy Australia ticks both those boxes. Since adding a few items from their range in to Harper’s room, I often find her and Jack in there playing with them. Their favorite is the Octotunes musical octopus. It’s my favorite too. Each leg make a different toned tune when squeezed. I’ve mastered twinkle twinkle little star on it already 😁 Where to store these toys? In a personalised wooden toy box from LePetit Cadre of course! The combination of raw timber and white works perfectly against the colour in the toys. I love that these boxes are on wheels so are each to move to another room if needed. And also that they are personalised with your child’s name on the side.

PhotoGrid_1518590953477As Harper’s room is only quite small, I decided to create a mini gallery wall containing an array of colourful artworks rather than spreading them out all over the room. This way, the room looks neat and all of the prints together create a focal point. I combined prints in white frames (*tip. I remove the glass from the frames to make them lighter to hang and safer as well), with some natural pieces like the timber name plaque and natural quote wall decor from Home Mind Soul. Just to break up the colour and add in that natural element that the room needs to calm the brightness. I’ve also added a pop of red with a bee wall decal from Moonface Studio. You can see the others from the set above the shelf on the other side of the room. A giant floor cushion from Sugarcane Trading Co under the gallery wall makes the perfect little area to lay and read a book. See list at the end of the blog to find out where all of these amazing prints are from.

PhotoGrid_1518610784436Of course, I had to include some DIY in the room. The space already contained a white canopy which I didn’t want to part with. So to brighten it up and tie it in with the rest of the room, I sewed on some multi coloured felt balls. Sewing was time-consuming and in all honesty, fabric glue probably would have been an easier option. The end result is great though and the softness of the white fabric with the pops of colour really adds a whimsical and fun vibe to the room. I wanted to include a table and chair set in the room so that both the kids had an area to colour, craft, do puzzles etc. We had an existing Kmart 3 piece set which was a bit worse for ware, but a quick sand back and a few coats of paint, and it was looking brand new. I used some non toxic, eco-friendly paint from small business Colourfied. Their range is affordably priced and perfect for allergy sufferers, asthmatics and chemically sensitive people. A perfect paint choice for a kids room and an amazing colour range to choose from. From pretty, soft pastels through to bright hues like I have used.



Of course, the kids needed some colourful items to use on their newly painted table and chair set. The lovely team At Bright Star Kids sent Harper her own personalised colouring book, textas and puzzle. These items are perfect for at home and later in life at school. To store the textas, a beautiful handmade pencil-case from Poppy And The Wolf and some fun plastic dino/animal planters from When Cara Met Rex, which I have used as a pencil holder (also great for toothbrushes!). To break up the colourful elements and add in some natural, I’ve popped some gorgeous items from amazing Australian small business Rhi Creative. Their kids play cards are fantastic for kids play with and learn at the same time. And their school days book so perfect for jotting down all the special moments from when your kids start school. They also have a matching baby book which is just as special.

IMG_20180213_202024_638At just 9 months old, Harper is a strong and stubborn little girl. She’s walking and exploring and now she has her own wonderland to keep her growing mind entertained. I want to say a huge thank you to all of the businesses involved in creating this room. It is exactly what I envisioned and more. And a true reflection of my colourful and strong willed little girl. I wanted to show that using colour in a kids room can be fun. And I don’t think you could get any more colour or fun in between these four walls! Make sure you keep your eyes on my Instagram page as over the next week I’ll be featuring all of the businesses involved. Some who are sharing a special discount code for my followers.

Zoe – The DIY Decorator 

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