Solvej Baby & Toddler Swing



How lucky are we these days to be able to buy gorgeous and well made products for our kids, which also have the bonus of matching our home decor as well. For an interior obsessed mum like myself, it’s a big win! I’m not one to buy the bright plastic kids items simply due to the fact I like my home to look how I want it. And like a kindergarten is not the look I am after… Yes I love for my kids to have colour in their lives and I don’t completely deprive them of fun filled bright toys. But if I come across an item which ticks the box of my kids loving it and it all looks nice in my home, then it’s the product for me. When I was asked to try out and review the Baby & Toddler Swing from small business Solvej, I was very excited as I know it’s the type of product that I love and could also share with the interior savvy Mums of Instagram who would love this type of item for their own homes as well.

PhotoGrid_1523509886611Pronounced Sool-vay, Solvej swings are a product of HOLMSÄTER which is a manufacturer, wholesaler and direct mail order company making and selling high quality canvas and wood swings. Established in 1993 in the North Island of New Zealand, the business started after it’s owners felt there was a gap in the market for attractive, great quality, well priced and environmentally friendly children’s swings. They offer a beautiful range including the baby & toddler swing, board swing, child swing and more. The canvas used in their range is 100% acrylic canvas. It is rot proof and is the best outdoor furniture canvas on the market andhas a 5-year manufacturers warantee from fading. The choice of timber used for the producgs has to fulfil the criteria of being naturally weather durable to avoid chemical treatment with the pollution that can come with that. Timber used also has to come from a planted or sustainable source so to not be a part of the depletion of indigenous forests anywhere in the world. The quality of these swings is amazing. The look and feel of the timeless natural design tells you that this is an item which is made with love and one that will last for years to come.

IMG_20180412_122511_987The Baby & Toddler swing in our possession is a safe and generous baby swing that converts into a toddler swing and can be used from 6 month to 6 years old (40kg max). It can be easily shifted from indoors to outdoors and is available in 11 gorgeous colours (no fluro in sight!). The swing can be mounted from a doorway, beam, ceiling joist, verandah or pergola using the provided stainless steel screws. At the moment Miss Harper is using the swing set to the toddler setting which means the leg divider is in place. Once she is older, or if Jack wants to use the swing, we can simply remove the divider which makes it into a toddler swing. Both our kids love the Solvej and I know it’s something they are both going to enjoy for many years to come. As will I thanks to its neutral colour and gorgeous design.

You can purchase directly or find a stockist at the Solvej website .

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Artificial Indoor Vertical Garden

IMG_20180403_143743_074When I told my husband we were installing an artificial vertical garden in our home, I though he may not be on board with my latest decorating idea. To my surprise, he was actually very interested and agreed to help me install it. And now that it’s up, he’s the proud DIY’er standing back and admiring his handy work. He even very proudly uploaded a photo of it to his social media accounts. The decision to install something as large and permanent as a vertical garden can be quite daunting. And to be honest it is something I ummed and arghed about for awhile before deciding to give it a go. I’m so glad I chose to go with this idea to decorate what was a rather dull area of our home. I’ll go through the installation process shortly, but first a bit about the supplier of the artificial vertical garden panels, Designer Plants.

PhotoGrid_1522062058165The DIY hedge panel system from Designer Plants  is the answer to having a vertical garden inside or outside of your home which requires no watering, no maintenance and is guaranteed not to die on you. Win! After installation, all that is required is an occasional clean with a feather duster and damp cloth. That’s the kind of indoor gardening that appeals to me! Designer Plants has been leading the industry with innovative, high quality artificial hedges and plants for  years and are known for their quality and long lasting products. Their aim is to make transforming your home or property easier with products that involve no planting, cultivating, toxic chemicals, fertilizer, watering, weeding, pesticides, maintenance, trimming, or endless expenses. Artificial hedges, fake plants, and vertical garden screens are the solution! High Quality, UV engineered Spring Sensation Green Wall – Perfect for fences, walls, patios, balconies and as you’ll see in this blog, interior spaces. Each UV stable sensation DIY Hedge Panel/Screen is 1 meter wide by 1 meter long. It is easy to install and can be cut to shape to fit an area of any shape and size. The super dense foilage is highly realistic and lifelike and will have visitors asking if it is real or fake.

IMG_20180403_143333_812The middle of our home is quite a dark area and one of the only spaces which I can’t keep a real plant alive in. I love having some greenery in every room in our house, so the idea of having an indoor vertical garden appealed to me very much. For our wall, we needed a 2x2metre panel which is 4 of the standard 1x1metre panels. The beauty of this system is that the panels clip together neatly so it can be added to if needed. The walls in our home are double brick so we used the provided wall pugs and nails to fix the panels to our wall. If you are installing on to a different surface, refer to the Designer Plants website. Before working with the panels, we measured the wall so that the backing grid would fit perfectly to the edges of it. We then measured and cut (with scissors) the joined panels to get them to IMG_20180403_143009_576the right size. Next, we measured, marked and drilled holes into the wall where the now 1 large panel was to be mounted. Once all the holes were drilled and the wall plugs tapped in to them, we (it takes at least two people to do this part) lifted the panel to the wall and attached it with the nail and washer (The washer holds the panels in to place by being placed over the backing grid). We were left with some excess pieces of panel (cut offs), so we removed each individual piece of foilage and added them to the vertical garden to fill any gaps and cover the nails and washers. And that’s it! An easy and fun weekend DIY project with maximum impact!

IMG_20180403_143619_022The overall looks is so lush and green and really makes an impact to the room. As the wall is now such a feature, I have kept the styling quite simple. A three piece cane setting along with a few simple decorative pieces is all that is needed to finish that area of our home. Other ideas I had to compliment the vertical garden would be to hang a large print over it or even a basket wall feature. I think a small two seater sofa or occasional chair with side table and lamp would also work well in front of the wall. The possibilities are really endless! Greenery to me is a must for every decorating style, so using an artificial vertical garden either indoors or out will suit many interior styles and is guaranteed to be a great investment for greenery lovers.

Thank you to the Designer Plants team for allowing me to work with their amazing product! For more information and to see other available designs in the range, head to their website where you can order a free sample.

Zoe Gilpin – The DIY Decorator