Solvej Baby & Toddler Swing



How lucky are we these days to be able to buy gorgeous and well made products for our kids, which also have the bonus of matching our home decor as well. For an interior obsessed mum like myself, it’s a big win! I’m not one to buy the bright plastic kids items simply due to the fact I like my home to look how I want it. And like a kindergarten is not the look I am after… Yes I love for my kids to have colour in their lives and I don’t completely deprive them of fun filled bright toys. But if I come across an item which ticks the box of my kids loving it and it all looks nice in my home, then it’s the product for me. When I was asked to try out and review the Baby & Toddler Swing from small business Solvej, I was very excited as I know it’s the type of product that I love and could also share with the interior savvy Mums of Instagram who would love this type of item for their own homes as well.

PhotoGrid_1523509886611Pronounced Sool-vay, Solvej swings are a product of HOLMSÄTER which is a manufacturer, wholesaler and direct mail order company making and selling high quality canvas and wood swings. Established in 1993 in the North Island of New Zealand, the business started after it’s owners felt there was a gap in the market for attractive, great quality, well priced and environmentally friendly children’s swings. They offer a beautiful range including the baby & toddler swing, board swing, child swing and more. The canvas used in their range is 100% acrylic canvas. It is rot proof and is the best outdoor furniture canvas on the market andhas a 5-year manufacturers warantee from fading. The choice of timber used for the producgs has to fulfil the criteria of being naturally weather durable to avoid chemical treatment with the pollution that can come with that. Timber used also has to come from a planted or sustainable source so to not be a part of the depletion of indigenous forests anywhere in the world. The quality of these swings is amazing. The look and feel of the timeless natural design tells you that this is an item which is made with love and one that will last for years to come.

IMG_20180412_122511_987The Baby & Toddler swing in our possession is a safe and generous baby swing that converts into a toddler swing and can be used from 6 month to 6 years old (40kg max). It can be easily shifted from indoors to outdoors and is available in 11 gorgeous colours (no fluro in sight!). The swing can be mounted from a doorway, beam, ceiling joist, verandah or pergola using the provided stainless steel screws. At the moment Miss Harper is using the swing set to the toddler setting which means the leg divider is in place. Once she is older, or if Jack wants to use the swing, we can simply remove the divider which makes it into a toddler swing. Both our kids love the Solvej and I know it’s something they are both going to enjoy for many years to come. As will I thanks to its neutral colour and gorgeous design.

You can purchase directly or find a stockist at the Solvej website .

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