Autumn Prepping With Bunnings

IMG_20190323_114209_030As the days cool and the sun sets earlier, it is easy for the productivity spark to fade. Autumn generally becomes the time where the extra blankets come out and settling into a cosy couch seems more appealing than housework or D.I.Y. tasks.

Although household chores and ambitious D.I.Y projects will always continue to pop up throughout the year, wouldn’t it be a dream if you were able to get organised and conquer both those larger interior and exterior projects before the rainy days emerge? Start working through your Autumn to-do list to give yourself extra time for researching, planning for future projects and binge-watching Netflix when Winter hits.

IMG_20190323_112730_699Spring cleaning has become a key calendar event and it’s when most of us feel more motivated to make a start on these long overdue home and garden projects. But why wait until it’s almost the end of the year? This is usually the busiest time of the year for most of us!

To me it makes more sense to get those house and garden jobs out of the way in autumn, that way we have more time to enjoy our cosy winters and warm spring days with a shorter to-do list.

So, I’m encouraging everyone to use the last of these warm days to get inspired and motivated to complete those lurking jobs. Catch you later ‘spring cleaning‘. Hello ‘autumn prepping!’

With the help of some items from everyone’s favourite home improvement store Bunnings, I’ve put together a list of fun and easy projects to help you make a start this autumn, regardless of your skill-set, state or home type.

Give your garden a good prune.
Let’s be honest, when the weather cools and the days are dark and wet, we don’t get as much of a chance to get outside and tend to the garden. Sure, 20 minutes here and there when the suns out to maintain is an option but what if you could avoid gardening in the cold all together?!

Give your garden a good pruning now so that it doesn’t need as much attention during those cold winter weekends where you’d rather be curled up on the couch watching Netflix. Be sure to invest in a good set of pruners and pruning saw to help make the job easier.

Products: Hortex Heavy Duty Pruning Saw. Hortex Power Pruner.

Organise your outdoor area with functional storage solutions.
If any space is cluttered or messy, it often becomes a place we neglect and outdoor areas are no exception. Autumn is a great time to sort this area of your home out and have it looking it’s best so that you are still inspired to use it over winter. Using outdoor storage boxes are the perfect way to neatly hide away the build-up of items every patio area and veranda seem to acquire.

Available in a range of different sizes and finishes, these outdoor storage options can also double as extra seating by placing padded outdoor cushions on top. This creates both a functional and decorative space in your outdoor area which can be enjoyed all year round despite the cooler weather.

ProductsMarquee Outdoor Storage box. Mojo Square CushionMojo Outdoor Cushion Cover.

Invest in an outdoor heater so you can still enjoy the space on those cooler days.
You are far more likely to utilise your outdoor space throughout winter if it’s heated. Outdoor heating has come a long way over the years with a range of different heating items on the market at affordable prices from electric, gas, wood or even a fire pit, investing in a form of outdoor heating is a great way to make the most of your patio and host friends and family in comfort.

PhotoGrid_1553420826986Products: Fiametta Stainless Steel Gas Patio Heater. Glow Rustic Fire Pit.

For a quick freshen-up, introduce some greenery indoors.
There are many indoor plants which are easy to care for and perfect for rooms that get plenty of natural light. If your home doesn’t get enough sunlight or if you don’t have a green thumb, Bunnings also stock a great range of artificial plants. Pop them in some decorative pots grouping different sizes together on the floor to create a feature or place them on shelves and in-between other decorative items to bring in that gorgeous pop-of-green, which compliments an interior space just as much as an exterior one.

Products: Giant Elephants ear plant. Tuscan Path Large Art Egg Pot, Rust.

Store items away to decrease clutter.
It’s amazing how much better a room can look simply by storing items away out of sight. If your home is lacking in built-in storage, consider getting creative with a decorative cube shelves and storage boxes or perhaps some industrial style open shelving units which can be very effective when decorated correctly.

Products: Flexi Storage 2×2 Cube Unit. Water Hyacinth Cube insert. 5 Tier Heavy Duty Shelving Unit.

Organise your laundry to make it more functional during the wet months.
Laundry spaces are commonly quite small and storage is often an issue for many people – including me! For those of us without a dryer, it’s can be considered a luxury to have somewhere to air clothes when it’s raining. There are both storage and airing options suitable for even the smallest of laundry spaces. If you’ve heard of the Mari Kondo method, you would know that getting rid of clutter and organising spaces in your home is huge right now, especially in rooms like the laundry.
See some great examples here:

Products: Hills Premium Drying Centre. Ezy Storage Solution Tub.

Give a room a mini makeover by changing the colour of the walls or adding in a feature wall.
A change of colour and/or finish is a simply project that can easily be done over a weekend and will give the room a whole new look and feel for the winter season.
Wall panelling is incredibly popular at the moment and is a cost-effective way to create a statement feature, plus fits many interior themes. Simply cut to size and attach to an existing wall and paint in the desired colour. I guarantee visitors will be saying ‘wow’ when walking into your home! *Styled images of the Easycraft panels via home stylist @projectcoastalboho.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Products: Easycraft Wall Lining Panels. Dulux Wash And Wear Paint.

Upcycle an existing furniture item to give it a new life.
Who doesn’t love an indoors weekend D.I.Y. project?! Upcycling something you already have or perhaps a new find from a second-hand store is a fun and satisfying way of changing the look of a room. Whether it’s a coffee table or a timber chair, or even an old vase which you love but isn’t the right colour, there is a variety of paint colours and effects available at Bunnings which are easy to use and a great way to totally transform an item.

Products: Rust-Oleum Linen White Chalked Paint. Dulux Stone Effect Paint.

I am super inspired to get stuck in to some of these home projects myself and get my home organised over the next few weekends! By getting them done over the autumn months, my mind will be at ease knowing that I can be that little bit lazier over winter, not having to think about all the things I will need to complete come spring. I hope you guys are inspired and motivated to become an ‘autumn prepper’ too!






Zoe Gilpin – The DIY Decorator

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