Boho Home Office

As an online interior decorator, I don’t have many tools of the trade. Just my pad, a pen and paper, and a cup of coffee. Usually a cold cup of coffee thanks to the kids… So up until now, I have been happy working from the couch, dining table or breakfast bar. But as my schedule get busier, I feel the need to have a dedicated space in our home where I can sit myself away from the kids (and the temptation of netflix) and concentrate on my work.


Naturally as a decorator, I wanted to create a space which looked great and gave me inspiration rather than just a typical office with a desk, chair, filing cabinet etc. I am very lucky that our master bedroom is a huge space which meant I could turn half of it in to my home work area. Knowing how much room I had to work with and what I needed, now it was time to start sourcing furniture and accessories to create a work space for The DIY Decorator.

IMG_20190407_080753_534Our home is decorated with a very neutral palette. Plenty of natural textures and tones, but not much colour. Our master bedroom especially is very light and bright and so I wanted to carry on this theme to the half which would become my office. However to pack a real punch and make the space pop, I decided to add in touches of black to give it more of a Boho vibe. As you can see above, the small addition of black, balanced evenly amongst the styled space, adds dimension and interest. Using some beautiful white and light timber items from Officeworks and complimenting them with these black items as well as plenty of natural elements, I’ve designed a space which is functional as well as visually pleasing.

resizeThe Copenhagen desk from Officeworks is the perfect desk design for creatives. With it’s large 150cm wide x 70cm deep top, it can be used for product styling and flatlays as well as a working space. Although it doesn’t have drawers, with today’s technology of wireless devices and plenty of room for any office equiptment to sit on, I prefer this design for my own space because of it’s size and style over one with storage.

resize (1)The Horsens 4 cube Bookcase, also from Officeworks, is the perfect way to decoratively store away office items. With it’s oak and white finish, it ties in perfectly with the Boho scheme and provides me with the storage space I need because I chose a desk without storage. By adding some storage boxes to the shelf, it hides away any items you don’t want on display. Cube shelving is often considered only necessary for storage, but by adding some simple homewares to some of the shelves amongst the storage boxes, it can also be a great decorative piece as well.

resize (2)I like using a cork board for a home office project, not only for keeping items such as receipts and lists safe, but also for displaying prints and photos. The Kamashi Bianco Cork Board is a perfect layering item for my Boho scheme with its timber frame and speckled cork detail. I’ve layered it with some decorative prints and leant them against the wall, sitting on my desk to create a focal point. This is a great way to display art and photos if you are unable to hang them from a wall. Perfect when renting!

IMG_20190407_075825_457When it comes to decorating a home office, consider how much space there is for both your funtional items and any decorative ones. Because of the larger size of my Copenhagen desk and because I work from a pad rather than a lap-top or desk-top computer, I am left with plenty of space to include some decor pieces that add to the Boho look. The addition of some simple stationery pieces, art and a plant are just the right amount of items for upon the desk to give it the styled look I’m after. Whilst leaving me with plenty of room when I’m working.

To compliment the desk and cube shelf, I brought in textures and natural tones with the chair, layered floor rugs and decorative accessories. Using every-day items such as the rattan bags, vintage camera and woven basket, adds to the Boho look, whilst complimenting the furnishings. Using existing item and mixing them with new puchases and second hand finds is my favourite way to decorate as it creates your own unique style. By keeping the larger items (desk/cube shelf) in the space neutral, it allows for an easy style change in future if required.


Bleached Jute Floor RugMoscow Cotton Rug, Black – Rattan ChairOld Hands Art PrintOwl Art PrintExpendable Peg RackRattan BagsStraw Hat

So if you are looking at sprucing up your own home or work office space, decorate it how you would any other room in your home and don’t think it has to be a bare and boring work space. Create a space that feels comfortable and gives you inspiration, rather than just a work area. All it takes is a few furniture pieces and decorative accessories which will make you want to get that work done instead of avoiding it!






Zoe Gilpin – The DIY Decorator 


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