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IMG_20190519_105121_465Our master bedroom is the most photographed room in our home, mainly because it is a large space and gets plenty of natural sunlight. You may have noticed however that I never shared photos which included the window side of the room… And as silly as it may sound, it was simply due to the dirty, broken black metal venetian blinds which A) do not match my neutral decor at all. And B) are SO not “Insta worthy”… Don’t get me wrong, I love our home, but I was not a fan of the window dressing choices which were already installed when we purchased it. They didn’t suit our decor, they were dust collectors (which did not help with my allergies!) and they weren’t really blocking out much light either due to being bent and broken, thanks to the previous owners and my destructive children…

So to replace them with something beautiful, which I actually loved and which suited our light and bright, naturally decorated home, was a big thing for me! I was like a kid at Christmas when they were being installed. Stalking the poor man who installed them who was probably thinking who is this overly excited woman taking photos over 5 minutes? As someone who hasn’t had custom made window dressings installed in my home before, this was a new process for me. And what that I feel many others aren’t really wary of either. So today, I thought I’d share my experience with you guys.

Image-about-us-1@2x.pngLiving in Western Australia, I was well aware of Curtain World. They have been around since 1974, so I think it’s fair to say that many Perth people have heard of them. I first met with some of the team at The 2019 Perth Home Show. We had a good chat about what it was I was after, and then organised a free in-home measure and quote which happened the following week. What was suggested to me was exactly what I was after! A light coloured fabric block-out blind behind a sheer curtain. The perfect way to block out light, whilst visually making your windows look appealing at all times of the day whether the sheers and blinds are open or not.

Our bedroom is a huge space, so it has not only the one giant window by the bed, but also a bay window on the other side of the room, which I use as a home office. I thought the bay window may have been a bit tricky to dress, but Curtain World suggested 3 roller blinds and the sheer curtain on a curved track, which worked perfectly! I’m not a fan of bay windows, end especially wasn’t with the existing blinds, but now with the new roller blinds and sheers, it looks amazing and has actually opened up the room, making it look even bigger!

IMG_20190519_101056_743For the master bedroom, we opted for the Blockade fabric roller blinds in the colour cloud. And for the sheers, a triple pleated Odin fabric in the colour porcelain. I can not rave about this fabric enough! Although sheer, it is a thick, textured fabric which adds warmth and depth rather than creating a stark, white look. In regards to costing, the sheers were roughly $500 per window and the blockout blinds roughly $200 per window. Keep in mind that each custom install will differ in price depending on of course the size of the window, and what the room needs in regards to blocking out light, privacy, look/style etc. Something to chat to the team at Curtain World about.

IMG_20190519_101748_168When it came to installing the new window treatments, it was an easy and fairly quick process. The installer arrived at 7:30am and was done by 9:30am. Not only did he install the new blinds and sheers, but also took down our existing blinds and left not a spot of dust or mess along the way! Once installed, I entered the room and simply said ‘wow’! I could not believe how amazing they looked and how the room now felt finished. It’s been over a week since they were installed and I still find myself going in there just to stare. Or touch that beautiful sheer fabric. Even my husband, who usually doesn’t even notice new additions to our home, was very impressed!

So can I recommend using Curtain World? Absolutely! From start to finish, everyone I dealt with was extremely professional. Their products are of such a high quality and look amazing! I’ve already recommended them to a few people including a client who will be decking out their entire new build with Curtain World products. To view their extensive indoor and outdoor range, which includes much more than just roller blinds and sheers, or to book in for your own free measure and quote, head here to their website or over to their YouTube channel to view some more of their installs.



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