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Floor rugs. An item which is no longer just used to soften hard flooring, but one which when used correctly, can be a real statement piece in a room. As well as being a functional item used for looks and comfort, a rug can also anchor a room, define it, add warmth, and help layer a room’s decor. Changing the rug in a room is a great way to update the look of a space, as well as being a great starting piece to take inspiration from when decorating.


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These days, we are spoilt for choice with quality, on trend rugs, available at retailers such as one of my faves, Bunnings. Which means anyone with any budget can have a great looking rug for their home. So before you run off to buy yourself a beautiful new modern, scandi, boho, tribal or kids designed rug from Bunnings new range, let me give you some tips on what to consider when choosing your rug and when using one to decorate your home.

Choose the right size. The biggest mistake I see home decorators make is using the wrong sized rug. Using the correct sized rug can make or break a room. Using one which is too small can make the whole space look out of proportion and it will get lost amongst your furnishings. Using a rug that is too large for a space can also mess with the proportion and even close in a room if it’s too big against your furniture. For example, using a rug that is too small under a dining table will look odd and isn’t very practical when moving chairs in and out constantly. We want the rug to almost frame our furnishings. Not be the same size as it and get lost.

When laying a rug under your dining table, try to have at least 60cm of the rug from the edge of the table out on all sides. This enables the back legs of the chairs to stay on the rug, even when pulled out to let someone sit. The same applies for your living area. Either select a rug which fits nicely between your couches and under your coffee table. Or, if your living room is larger, go with a larger sized rug which fills the space and goes under your couches.


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Use rugs to define spaces. If you have an open plan living area or larger rooms in your home, using rugs is a great way to separate areas. For example, if you have an open plan kitchen, dining and living area, use a rug under the dining table as well as under your couches and coffee table to clearly define the two spaces. Keep in mind however, that when using two rugs in a room, be aware that same sized rugs can visually cut the room in two. If this is not the look you are after and you prefer the room to flow, use different sized rugs to create a sense of variety.

It’s not just the open plan spaces that can benefit from floor rugs. They are also great to use in rooms for both functional and decorative purposes. Stepping on to a plush rug first thing in the morning is far more appealing that stepping on to a hard, cold timber or tiled floor. They are also great under a bed to ground them and give a bedroom space a grand, finished look. Also consider using rugs in areas such as kids rooms and play areas. They are lovely and soft to play on and are a great way to introduce colour or bring in a theme to these spaces.

Play with shape. Although rectangle rugs are most commonly used in decorating, it isn’t a rule that you must use that shape and that shape only. Let the way you group your furniture dictate the shape of your rug. Figure out which shape would look best depending on the shape and size of your furniture and which is going to be practical as well as look best. Sometimes square or round rugs will work better in a space. For example, a round rug is going to look best under a round dining table. Just make sure the rug is a fair size bigger that the table and chairs together. A lounge room setting may look better configured on an intimate square rug over a large rectangular one.

Use the right tones. To start decorating a room, you can choose a rug as the basis of the colour scheme for it. On the other hand, if you add a rug after you have your furniture in place, you can use the rug to accent or tie in your existing colours. Use a rug to visually quieten a room or turn up the volume as needed. If your upholstery or wallpaper has an ornate pattern, choose a rug that is more subtle. When walls and upholstery are fairly subdued, you can try a busier pattern or bolder colours to add more interest to the room. Choosing a rug with similar tones but of a different material can also work to ensure harmony. You may wish to choose a rug with more a textured pile to add warmth and comfort in a living room, and opt for a flat, hardwearing rug under you dining table.

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Consider layering rugs. Layering rugs on top of each other has become a big interior trend over the last couple of years and I am all for it! It is a wonderful way to add more texture and interest to a space. The key is choosing patterns and colours that compliment, but are still different. You don’t want to use mismatched designs which compete with each other and end up creating a visual mess. Personally, I like for the bottom rug to be a pattern free, solid colour design, and then add the interest via colour, and pattern with the top rug. Jute rugs work really well for the bottom layer. If the dimension of your favourite rug isn’t going to be large enough for the space you want to use it in, layer it with a larger rug beneath so that it can still be used whilst working proportion wise in the room. Layering isn’t just for hard flooring. It can also work well on carpeted areas. Just make sure that again, your chosen rug doesn’t compete against the colour of the carpet or blend in with it.

One final tip for people with hard flooring, is to use a liner to keep your rug from slipping or creeping. The rug liner should be appropriate for your floor type, and also be the right size to fully keep the rug from sliding.

As I mentioned earlier, my go to for rugs at the moment is everyone’s favorite home improvement store, Bunnings. Although they’ve had a range or rugs available for awhile now, this new range, which is appearing in stores across Australia as you read this, is getting home decorators everywhere excited! Including myself! The range includes a variety of on trend designs suitable for kids spaces, scandi styled spaces, beautiful boho abodes and more. How’s the quality I hear you ask? I have picked up 3 for own home and am beyond impressed with them! They are well made. Nice and heavy, so sit flat on the ground. And I haven’t experienced any shedding from them which is a big tick to me! You can find Bunnings huge range of rugs here. And below, is a round up of some of my personal favorites from the new range (hit links to go to each rug on the website. Rugs available in store only).


  1. Beckway Rug 230x160cm $169
  2. Zig Zag Fringed Rug 300x200cm $229
  3. Wemyss Natural Ivy Rug 230x160cm $169
  4. Admont Linen Rug 2300x160cm $169
  5. Fluffy Mini Rug 200×290 $99
  6. Dark Cloud Rug 170x120cm $59
  7. Moldova Rug 300x200cm $229
  8. Ivory France Loop Rug 230x160cm $129
  9. Natural Sicilia Rug 230x160cm $129






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