Bistro Blind Installation

Bistro blinds are the perfect way to make your outdoor area a space that you can enjoy all year around, regardless of the weather. When we purchased our home in sunny Perth 3 years ago, we loved having a decent size patio area for us to enjoy, as well as the for the kids to use as a second play area. Anyone with kids knows that over those cooler months, they hate being cooped up inside and love to head outdoors to play with their toys and make general kid messes! So to save our interior, we decided to install bistro blinds to close in the space so that it could become an area for my husband and I to relax and entertain, as well as somewhere for the kids to play and make mess, any time of the year.

IMG_5371-01Cue my friends from Smart Home Products who I’ve had the pleasure of working with a few times now. Their products are quality, affordable items which are available from Bunnings, meaning they are accessible to pretty much anyone, anywhere across Australia. Having installed roller blinds from their Riva Blinds range, I was excited to now try their bistro blinds from their sister company, Bistro Blinds. Made from durable, heavy duty PVC, their blinds not only protect from the elements, but also maintain air flow and also add insulation to the home as well.

The order process with Bistro Blinds is super easy:

  • Measure up windows.
  • Take sizing into the special orders desk at Bunnings.
  • Fill out and sign cut form.
  • Bunnings will place the order and email the cut form through to manufacturer.
  • Warehouse cuts the blinds.
  • Warehouse package up the blinds.
  • Direct freight deliver them to the Bunnings store the order was placed with.
  • 7- 10 business day turn around.

PhotoGrid_1566891204233The range of bistro blinds are available in a range of finishes. We went with the clear blinds with white edging to go with our light, neutral colour scheme, and also so I can still see the kids when they were playing outside of the patio area. Once our blinds arrived, it was my turn (well, my husband’s turn) to do the work. With all the screws and hardware supplied with the blinds, installation was as simple as drilling in to the steel beams that the blinds were to hang from, and holding the blinds in place with the provided screws. Once hung, we then attached the base anchor plate to the brickwork base so that the blinds could be tied down with the attached straps. The final DIY was to drill in the holder for the excess rope. And that’s it! To hang the four blinds in total took us (I supervised) around 2 hours.

PhotoGrid_1566890913044During the cooler months, we will leave the blinds down to create a barrier from the weather, however in the summer when we want to let that cool afternoon sea breeze in, we can use the pulley system to roll up the blinds with ease. With our blind design, we installed four separate blinds which sit in between existing brick pillars. However, if you had a larger space which required multiple blinds to be hung together, they are available with a zip joiner which allows you to extend and connect your blinds for more enclosure around your outdoor area without placing them in between the pillars like we have.

IMG_5357-01For the entire project which was 4 separate blinds plus all of the included hardware, the total cost was just over $1100. That includes the initial blind cost, $99 cutting fee for each of them to make them a custom fit, plus the various sized trim extenders. A very reasonably priced project to enclose our patio area so that we can use it as an entertainment area and kids play area no matter the season.






Zoe Gilpin – The DIY Decorator

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