Harper’s Pink Room Makeover

IMG_6874-01My daughter Harper is SUCH a girly girl! As in loves pink, shoes, clothes, dolls, princesses tutu’s etc. I don’t know where she gets it from and have no idea whose child she actually is, as I am the total opposite! She is almost 3 (going on 13) and has lately been telling me she wants a pink room. Even picking out her own pink paint samples when we are in the paint section at our local Bunnings. Unable to deny that little face, and always keen for a room makeover, I decided that a pink bedroom project was on the cards!

PhotoGrid_1579594883647As our home is quite neutral and full of timbers and natural items, I wanted to make sure some of these elements were featured in Harper’s room to help it flow. Instead of using a bright or pastel pink, I opted for a darker dusty pink which would give the room a more vintage feel. Choosing the right tone took a little while, but I settled on Dulux Evening Blush. To continue on with the vintage style, I decided to do half the wall painted in the blush pink, and the other half wall papered. Boho Art & Styling have a great range of removable wall papers that are super easy to install and being a brand I’ve worked with before, I was keen to try out their range. I chose a design called ‘Boho Blooms’ is a beautiful floral design which incorporates soft pinks and browns and is a real statement piece while remaining soft and feminine.

After painting the top half of the wall with three coats of the evening blush, I put up the wall paper. I have to admit that it was far easier to install than I thought it would be! It literally took me 15 minutes on my own to apply the 4 panels to the bottom half of the wall. Each panel is was cut to size and numbered, so it was simply a matter of lining them up on the wall. To finish the feature wall, I used a Porta Timber rail from Bunnings to cover where the paint and wallpaper met. I left the rail as is (raw timber), as it worked well with the vintage look. However, it could have easily painted or stained as an alternative. I used liquid nails to stick the rail to the wall. Holding it in place with masking tape overnight until the glue was dry. When it came to decorating this wall, I kept it very simple due to the pattern of the wallpaper. Hanging a natural rattan mirror from Nook Lifestyle & Living, and custom name print from Boho Art & Styling, hung in a frame from Spotlight.

As Harper plays on the floor of her room quite a lot, I wanted to add in a large floor rug which filled most of the floor space in the room. I went with a 200x290cm rug from Urban Rugs in the design Saffron Kansas, pink. It is a is super lush and soft floor rug that works nicely in the space. The majority of the rug is white which I felt the room needed, being that there’s a lot of pink in there. The soft pink criss-cross pattern amongst the white is just the right amount of colour to tie it in with the other items in the room. The quality of this rug is amazing and having it really helps to finish the room and pull it all together.

I really wanted to add a block out blind to the space as the curtains that were in there didn’t fit with the new scheme and also let in a lot of sunlight. We installed a fantastic custom blind from Blinds In Print which is a fun way to add in some colour and pattern to a room via a practical piece. Before settling on a design, I requested a few samples from Blinds In Print so I could make sure whichever design I chose didn’t clash with the other finishes on the space, and suited the overall look. The design I went with is Clapham Weave in Peach. It’s a beautiful muted pink tone that really works well with both the wall colour and wallpaper. The small detail of the dot pattern works beautifully in to the space. Its a subtle pattern which is a statement but doesnt dirstract from other pieces in the room. Ordering the blind via the Blinds In Print website was really easy. Simply entering in the required dimensions for the blind and picking your design. Installing them was just as easy, with my husband having it up within ten minutes. We chose this blind to be hung over top of the window so that less light would show. Although not as streamline and neat as a blind recessed inside a window frame, it is more practical for a bedroom. *A week after installing the blind, and Miss Harper has been sleeping in later. Proof that a block-out blind is worth investing in!!!

Another important addition to Harper’s room is of course the Scalloped Chantal Occasional Chair I collaborated on with Luxo Living (more stock and new colour options coming soon!). The pink design is perfect for Harper’s room as it is a piece that will grow with her and she can use for years to come. Another new item that I added to the room is the $35 poly-rattan shopping buggy from Target. A cute piece that Harper loves to play with and looks great in her new vintage style, pink palace. I also added the Kmart hacked planter stand which I turned in to a dolls bed (find here).

  • Bedding, Adairs (old) find similar here.
  • Pink throw, Spotlight.
  • Cane bed head, gum tree find.
  • Bedside table, Ecosa.
  • Large framed print, Boho Art Styling.
  • Table lamp, Kmart.
  • Pespex shelves, find similar here.
  • Chest of drawers, Fantstic Furniture.
  • Pink suitcases storage, Bianca Design.
  • Dolls house, DIY project. Find here.
  • If  you would like to know where anything else in the room is from, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email or my social media platforms.

I am so happy with the overall result. For such a small room, we managed to add a lot of pink. A lot of girly detail. However, using the more vintage style not only works well with the rest of our home, but is also a space that Harper loves now and is sure to love as she grows older too. It’s a space that won’t need updating any time soon as it has everything a girl needs. As I write this, Miss Harper is currently playing in there with her doll house, chatting away having a great time! She spends so much more time in there now and really enjoys the space. That makes me as both a mum and interior decorator very happy!






Zoe Gilpin
The DIY Decorator

2 thoughts on “Harper’s Pink Room Makeover

  1. Cynthia Walker says:

    I just Love your pink room makeover! Absolutely stunning. It must be pure heaven to wake up in the morning to such beautiful surroundings. I think it’s really important to have a relaxing and peaceful room. To wake up every morning surrounded by a really fresh and transformed room must be a great way to start your day !! Well done.


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