One of easiest ways to give an interior space a whole new look is by introducing new wall art. And one of the most cost effective ways to do this is by framing art prints yourself. We are spoilt for choice these days with affordable frame options, as well as having art prints available to us at the touch of a button online. One of my favorite online art print stores which I have used in my own home, as well as for clients, is Desenio. With an extraordinary range of on-trend prints to suit a large variety of interior styles, they have an abundance of high quality prints available in a range of sizes, which are very budget friendly!

Today I am going to show you how I have introduced some new Desenio prints that I framed and hung myself in my own home, and give you guys some tips to consider when hanging art prints in your own home. There’s even a generous discount code for you to use at the end of this blog so if you are chasing new art, now is the time 🙌


There is something to be said for the simplicity of one large piece on the wall instead of several small ones. Whether it’s a large piece on it’s own on a blank wall, or filling an empty space above a furniture piece, using a statement art piece instantly creates a wow factor to a room.

If there’s already a lot going on in a space, as there is with this area of my daughters room above, using one larger art print helps to give the space some focus. On the opposite side of this room is a vintage patterned floral wallpaper (see previous blog) which is very bold and eye catching. So to balance with it on this side of this room above the desk, I’ve stuck with the floral and pink style, but have chosen this softer design art print which compliments rather than competes with the wallpaper. Framing it in a light timber frame adds warmth and ties in well with the other wood elements within the space.


Gallery walls continue to be a popular choice for displaying both photos and wall art. They are a great way to fill a wall and add a focal point to a space and can be as large or small as you want them to be!

My son has an ocean themed room which consists of various blue tones and neutral textures. So for the wall beside his bed, I wanted to add some interest and continue the sea theme with some ocean style art prints from the Desenio range. Combining the photo prints with a quote print and a drawn art piece tells the story of the ocean theme while adding depth and interest. I decided to use different sized prints to give a more casual look which I feel works well in a kids space as apposed to frames of all the same size which caters for a more modern and sleek style. When it came to the layout of the frames, I hung the largest one first, followed by the medium then small prints to ensure they were balanced and worked together the wall space. I did use all timber frames though to give some uniformity and balance.


For me, the artwork is the starting point for decorating a room once the furniture selectionshave been made. After selecting the art, I like to pull tones, textures and pattern from it and repeat via decorative items and soft furnishings to create a cohesive space that flows. You can see how this process works via the images of my master bedroom above. Repeating the beautiful green and brown tones, along with natural textures in the bedding and surrounding items creates an inviting and visually pleasing space.

Using a set of matching prints like I have here is a great way to create a statement in a space as an alternative to using one large art piece. A perfect pair can differ but should compliment one another in some way, be it a repeated tone, texture or pattern.

The Desenio team have kindly given me a discount code to pass on to you guys to use on the extensive art prints range. Simply use code DIYDECORATOR25 for 25% off prints* Get in quick as this code is only valid from Oct 5th-7th. *excludes frames, handpicked/personalised prints.


Harper’s Room

  • Bed of flowers (70x100cm)

Jack’s room

  • Nature creation (70x100cm)
  • Sails on the surface (50x70cm)
  • Whales (21x30cm)
  • Ocean quote (old print)

Master bedroom

  • Rustic olive branch (50x70cm)
  • Detailed olive branch (50x70cm)
  • Charming Home (50x70cm)
  • Concrete leaves (50x70cm)