Bed Making 101 – Part Two

If you were a reader of last week’s blog, you would know that we covered bed making and my tips and tricks for creating an eye catching and cosy bed by using the right bedding pieces. If you missed it, you can read here. This week, thanks to Manchester Collection, we move on to my favorite part of the bed; the layers. The pretty pieces that our other halves hate removing at the end of each day. But the ones that take a bed from bland to beautiful every time!!

To answer the age old question can you really ever have too many cushions, the answer from a professional decorator is no. No you can not! (Your partner may disagree…tell them you heard otherwise from a professional😉). Whether it’s 1, 3 or 5 cushions on your bed, in my opinion it really is a personal choice to how many you prefer on your bed. And how many you like to put on and take off your bed each day. If you are looking for on-trend, quality cushions which and super affordable, check out the great range from Manchester Collection.

Don’t think you should only use throw blanket during the cooler months. Layer your bed with thinner fabric or smaller throws during spring and summer so that your bed is still looking great without adding too much warmth. If you are wanting a throw that is big enough to spill over the edges of your bed, but don’t have the budget to purchase a larger sized one, a great tip that I like to use is using a sheet as a throw. (Linen sheets especially work well for this). Simply fold in half and drape across the end of your bed, or throw in a more messy/relaxed manner over it.

Beautiful cushion options from Manchester Collection

My tips for choosing the layering pieces for your bed are:

  • Consider a valance. Something considered daggy for awhile there, but these days there are some really beautiful valance designs which really add to a layered look of a bed and instantlygive it a more luxe look.
  • European cushions are great for adding in layers and create more of a luxe look. Using two behind pillow works great, or for more of a casual look, try one only.
  • Use varying sized cushions together. A 50x50cm, 45x35cm and a rectangle cushion ( or similar sizing) is a popular trio to try on your bed.
  • Also consider using other shapes than square. A round cushion to break up the squareness of a bed always looks great. Also consider lumbar or bulstar cushion for something a bit different.
  • My favourite cushion combo is a larger solid coloured cushion paired with a smaller patterned or textured cushion and a rectangle or round cushion.
  • Using a throw blanket either folded or thrown over the end of the bed adds some interest to the end while being a functional piece for extra cosiness too.
  • Tie your throws and cushions together by repeated tones and textures to create a cohesive look. Take inspiration from your quilt cover or artwork and decor items within the room.
  • During the cooler months, consider using multiple throws. One folded and draped over your bed paired with another casually thrown over the end not only gives you more warmth, but looks great as well. Manchester Collection have some great throws suitable for a variety of interior styles which you can find here.

Oslo slate quilt cover. Available in queen/King/Super king.

Ivy white quilt cover set. Available in queen/King/Super king.

Cushions from Manchester Collection.

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