Dining Room Styling With Interior Secrets

Our dining rooms are one of the most used spaces in our homes so it’s important that it’s a functional space that suits you and your families needs. That doesn’t mean it can’t also be an amazing looking space though! With thanks to my friends at Interior Secrets, who have a huge range of stunning dining room pieces, today I will be sharing my tips on what to consider when selecting your furniture and decor pieces when tackling this space within your own home.

SCALE – The most important factor when selecting your dining room furnishings is selecting the correct sized furniture pieces for the space. You don’t want to be squishing a beautiful big dining table in to a tiny space and vice versa, using a tiny dining setting which ends up looking lost in a large open plan or larger room. Accommodate for the room size you have. If it’s a smaller room, all you really need is a dining table and chairs. Interior Secrets have some beautiful 4 seater tables that are perfect for smaller spaces.

COMFORT – Nobody likes to sit on an uncomfortable dining chair or bar stool. But in saying that, we all have different varieties of seating preference and what we individually consider comfortable or suitable for a dining chair: Upholstered chairs for ultimate comfort. A higher backed chair for those who like more support. Timber or plastic chairs that are easy to clean for people with young children. These are all factors to take in to account when selecting your dining chairs. Don’t just choose them for looks alone or you’ll find yourself eating dinner on the couch… Also factor in if they are the correct height for the accompanying table – will the arms fit under/do the chair legs interfere with the table legs etc.

STORAGE – Who doesn’t love a bit of extra storage around the home!? If you have the space in the dining room, it can be great to add in a storage piece or two to accommodate not only dining related items, but pieces from around the house that don’t have a home too. This can be something as small as a bar cart or bar cabinet (great for storing non-alcohol related items in too!) Or something larger like a sideboard, buffet or console table. These type of pieces can add so much to a space both visually and functionally. And of course, they allow you to bring in more decor items such as artwork, lamps and homewares to the space to accompany them. If your dining room is on the smaller size but you would still like some storage within the space, consider adding in some floating shelves or wall mounted storage.

DECOR – Many people are unsure to what decorative items are needed in a dining area. My focus when designing a high use area like dining spaces is the furniture, so I prefer to keep the decor to a minimal. For the dining table, a simple centrepiece with something like a vase of flowers or plant, salt & pepper shakers and a scented candle sitting on a tray is the perfect table accompaniment. Are cushions and throws required in a dining space? I think if you have built in bench seats, sure. But in reality, a throw and cushion on a dining chair is just something to move out of the way for each meal sitting so isn’t necessary. Another item people are unsure of incorporating in to the dining room are floor rugs. This is 100% a personal choice and there is no right or wrong. If you have smaller kids, maybe avoid a rug for now or consider a cheaper alternative. *Tip: indoor/outdoor rugs work well in dining spaces are they are easier to clean. If you are considering a rug, opt for something with a mottled look or a pattern to hide any accidental spills. And ensure your rug is the correct size: it should be larger than your dining setting when the chairs are pushed in.

For more dining room inspiration and style ideas, head to the Interior Secrets website to view their best selling dining room furniture pieces.

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