PhotoGrid_1557114654127Hi! I’m Zoe. AKA, The DIY Decorator. Wife to Aaron. Mum to Jack and Harper. And a qualified Interior Decorator working from home in Perth, Western Australia.

Since completing my Diploma of Interior Decorating over ten years ago, I have worked as an Interior Decorator, Visual Merchandiser, Real Estate Stylist, Product Stylist and Brand Rep.  I enjoy every aspect of the decorating industry and may have a slight obsession with it…

I started The DIY Decorator in 2015, when my son was becoming more independent and I had some spare time to myself again. Since starting what was a fun page to share my love of affordable decorating with others, I have gone on to explore everything from small business shoutouts, sharing shopping finds, creating and sharing inspirational interior mood boards, brand repping and collaborating with some of Australia’s best home decor retailers. I love the interaction involved when using social media and feel that it’s somewhere which I can further explore my love of home decorating.

PhotoGrid_1538950074760Some people believe that home decorating is expensive and there’s no way they could afford to hire someone to help. Or that they don’t know where to start and feel overwhelmed by the whole process. I believe that anybody can decorate. Sometimes with a little guidance. And affordable guidance at that! Hopefully my experience working in the decorating and retail industry, along with my keen eye for bargains can help my clients achieve the look they want on the budget they have to work with.

Decorating is fun. It shouldn’t be stressful. You should be able to make your house a home and love where you live. Decorating makes me so very happy and I hope that The DIY Decorator can spread that happiness whilst inspiring others along the way.

Zoe xx