Artificial Indoor Vertical Garden

IMG_20180403_143743_074When I told my husband we were installing an artificial vertical garden in our home, I though he may not be on board with my latest decorating idea. To my surprise, he was actually very interested and agreed to help me install it. And now that it’s up, he’s the proud DIY’er standing back and admiring his handy work. He even very proudly uploaded a photo of it to his social media accounts. The decision to install something as large and permanent as a vertical garden can be quite daunting. And to be honest it is something I ummed and arghed about for awhile before deciding to give it a go. I’m so glad I chose to go with this idea to decorate what was a rather dull area of our home. I’ll go through the installation process shortly, but first a bit about the supplier of the artificial vertical garden panels, Designer Plants.

PhotoGrid_1522062058165The DIY hedge panel system from Designer Plants  is the answer to having a vertical garden inside or outside of your home which requires no watering, no maintenance and is guaranteed not to die on you. Win! After installation, all that is required is an occasional clean with a feather duster and damp cloth. That’s the kind of indoor gardening that appeals to me! Designer Plants has been leading the industry with innovative, high quality artificial hedges and plants for  years and are known for their quality and long lasting products. Their aim is to make transforming your home or property easier with products that involve no planting, cultivating, toxic chemicals, fertilizer, watering, weeding, pesticides, maintenance, trimming, or endless expenses. Artificial hedges, fake plants, and vertical garden screens are the solution! High Quality, UV engineered Spring Sensation Green Wall – Perfect for fences, walls, patios, balconies and as you’ll see in this blog, interior spaces. Each UV stable sensation DIY Hedge Panel/Screen is 1 meter wide by 1 meter long. It is easy to install and can be cut to shape to fit an area of any shape and size. The super dense foilage is highly realistic and lifelike and will have visitors asking if it is real or fake.

IMG_20180403_143333_812The middle of our home is quite a dark area and one of the only spaces which I can’t keep a real plant alive in. I love having some greenery in every room in our house, so the idea of having an indoor vertical garden appealed to me very much. For our wall, we needed a 2x2metre panel which is 4 of the standard 1x1metre panels. The beauty of this system is that the panels clip together neatly so it can be added to if needed. The walls in our home are double brick so we used the provided wall pugs and nails to fix the panels to our wall. If you are installing on to a different surface, refer to the Designer Plants website. Before working with the panels, we measured the wall so that the backing grid would fit perfectly to the edges of it. We then measured and cut (with scissors) the joined panels to get them to IMG_20180403_143009_576the right size. Next, we measured, marked and drilled holes into the wall where the now 1 large panel was to be mounted. Once all the holes were drilled and the wall plugs tapped in to them, we (it takes at least two people to do this part) lifted the panel to the wall and attached it with the nail and washer (The washer holds the panels in to place by being placed over the backing grid). We were left with some excess pieces of panel (cut offs), so we removed each individual piece of foilage and added them to the vertical garden to fill any gaps and cover the nails and washers. And that’s it! An easy and fun weekend DIY project with maximum impact!

IMG_20180403_143619_022The overall looks is so lush and green and really makes an impact to the room. As the wall is now such a feature, I have kept the styling quite simple. A three piece cane setting along with a few simple decorative pieces is all that is needed to finish that area of our home. Other ideas I had to compliment the vertical garden would be to hang a large print over it or even a basket wall feature. I think a small two seater sofa or occasional chair with side table and lamp would also work well in front of the wall. The possibilities are really endless! Greenery to me is a must for every decorating style, so using an artificial vertical garden either indoors or out will suit many interior styles and is guaranteed to be a great investment for greenery lovers.

Thank you to the Designer Plants team for allowing me to work with their amazing product! For more information and to see other available designs in the range, head to their website where you can order a free sample.

Zoe Gilpin – The DIY Decorator 

Natural Decorating



Nature is man’s teacher. She unfolds her treasures to his search, unseals his eye, illumes his mind, and purifies his heart; an influence breathes from all the sights and sounds of her existence. -Alfred Billings 

IMG_20180326_091148_468I’ve always been drawn to the natural decorating trend. As much as my personal style changes and evolves, I always end up back at a natural style in my home. For me, it’s a favourite because it’s full of textures and tones and is quite a relaxed style so you are free to incorporate what you like in to it. For this blog, I am going to share with you what I have kept in mind when I created a natural master bedroom,  and give you some decorating tips and ideas for what to use when decorating your own home. I’ll also be sharing with you some amazing products from some great businesses that I have used in my space to show you how to decorate your own home in the natural style.

IMG_20180326_082115_260To create a natural interior, you can not only use items made from natural materials or use colours inspired by nature, you can also use items from nature iteself. I love going for a walk in the bush and foraging for worn branches which can be turned into something like a clothes hanger, or some dried reeds which look perfect simply sitting in a vase or woven belly basket. Collecting and decorating from nature’s creations is not only fun, it doesn’t cost you a thing! When purchasing items to style, pick ones that reflect the colours of nature. Earthy browns. Coastal blues. Lush leafy greens. Nature offers up a variety of colour, so explore these beautiful tones and portray them in to your space. Nature is also full of texture. So it’s another great element to use when decorating. Textured accessories. Textured IMG_20180326_090552_751soft furnishings. Textured wall decor. Texture is particularly good to use in an interior like my master bedroom as I’ve concentrated on using earthy tones rather than colour. The textural elements add another layer and some dimension to the space. So, you can use items given to us by nature. You can purchase decorative accessories which are inspired by nature from retailers. And for this theme in particular, you can go thrifting. Hit up the op-shops or search places online like Gumtree to find second hand items. It not only saves you pennies, it also keeps your interior unique by using one off pieces and combining them with new items to create a style which is a one off.


So what items should you use when decorating using a natural theme? Light and natural coloured fabrics in pieces like bedding, throw blankets and cushions. Texture in pieces like floor rugs, wall art and decorative accessories. Use elements such as ceramic, terracotta, cane, wicker, recycled paper, crystals and rocks, timber, textured glass etc. All these elements come from nature and are not only beautiful, but packed full of texture as well. Include art pieces that contain textures and tones. Or that are reminiscent of natur i.e. flower, plant, landscape or animal drawings. Decorating in a natural style can lack colour, so by using a variety of tones and textures, it will add dimension and doesn’t leave the space looking flat and dull. Also use plants in your space to compliment the natural tones. Plants finish any room and work particularly well for this decorating style especially. If real plants aren’t your preference, you can purchase very realistic and affordable ones these days.

IMG_20180326_085943_088When decorating any room, it is important to remember to please all of the senses. We are already seeing something beautiful. We are touching textures. But we can add even more to the room by also catering to our other senses; sound and smell. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it in every decorating blog I do in future, finish a room with something that smells devine. It is amazing how when we smell something gorgeous when entering a room, it lifts it to a whole new level. This is because it is satisfying another one of our senses. Adding a item like a candle, reed diffuser or an electronic oil diffuser to a room makes it very appealing and inviting. The Gather Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser by Ellia Australia, which I have included in my bedroom, not only gives off a gorgeous scent, its basket-weave design is a great decorative addition to any room in the home. I love having mine on my bedside table as it looks good, smells amazing and plays a variety of IMG_20180326_084839_868relaxing and uplifting sounds which makes our master bedroom seem like a day spa. The combination of scent and sound really gives a room a whole new feel. Another clever and attractive way to add sound to a room is with a portable blue tooth audio system. This one I have in my room is from The House Of Marley and is the sexiest speaker system I’ve ever seen with its bamboo finish and sleek design. It fits in perfectly with the natural decorating theme and is great to use when I’m relaxing or working in our bedroom. So if you are planning on redecorating a room and want to perfect it, make sure to think about pleasing all the senses. Not just sight and feel.

If natural decorating is something you would like to include in your home, I suggest you start by making a mood board to work out what look you want and if the items you love work well together. Research products online and then plan a day to start gathering your natural or nature inspired items. Find some bush land and go for a forage. Stalk your favourite small businesses and see what they stock that suits your space. And go have a look at some local op shops. You’ll be surprised at what you can find! Then bring it all together, remembering to include sight, touch, smell and sound to create the perfect relaxing, natural themed interior space. Most importantly, have fun creating and decorating and remember to stay unique to your personal style.

Zoe – The DIY Decorator

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Harper in Colour Land

IMG_6931When I found out that I was having a girl when pregnant with Harper, I of course wanted to create something special for her room. But somehow I fell in to the trap of decorating it how I thought people would want to see it. Pink and grey, and on trend with the current Scandi inspired style. The room was gorgeous, don’t get me wrong. But it never felt quite right. I always strive to be a little out of the box when it comes to decorating. Especially so in my own home. So once Harper started to get a little older and I decided to part ways with the more baby items in her room, I began to create a toddler room which was decorated how I wanted it to look. And what I’ve created with the help of some amazingly kind Australian small businesses, I am beyond happy with.

IMG_6863The theme I really wanted to work with was colour. Our Instagram feeds are full of pretty pastel nurseries and monochrome kids room, which are absolutely adorable. But something I don’t see a lot of is colour. I think people can associate colour in kids rooms as a room which is full of toys, toys and more toys. Which, can be considered a bit a messy looking and maybe even a little tacky. So I challenged myself to create a room which was full of bright, beautiful and inspirational colour for my little girl. Who is already very colourful herself! Being the obsessive decorator that I am, I also wanted the room to be appealing to me as an adult and something that I won’t have to change in a hurry. So how did I achieve that? My top tip is to choose items which aren’t necessarily for kids. You don’t need to buy the paw patrol bedding and the train track floor rug. Pick items which are going to grow with them and stay on trend for years to come to avoid having to replace them in a few years time. Purchase furniture items which are plain coloured; white, timber or black. Then if you do want to change the look later on, it’s easier to do so as you aren’t stuck with coloured pieces that may not go with your new theme. Add in your colour, texture and pattern with the smaller items such as toys and soft furnishings. These are easier and less expensive to replace in future is need be.

PhotoGrid_1518697804048So how do you know what colours to use? You could either pick 2 or 3 preferred colours to work with to create a harmonious scheme. Or like me, use every colour of the rainbow. I wanted the full contrast of bright, multi colours against light timber and bright white. I did pick one colour which was hot pink, and made sure that every area of the room contained it. This was to give some uniformity and have a repetitive element which is always a good idea when decorating a room. Two items I adore and which are bursting with colour, is the felt ball garland from Hello Red Hen and hanging hot air balloon by Famille DesignsThese pops of bright colour really draw the eye to this area of the room. And how sweet is the little cloud wall hook from Ekokid Spaced In. A fun addition to the room and the perfect hanger for the garland.

PhotoGrid_1518590392703I believe that a floor rug is an essential addition to any room. And I also believe that it’s something that you need to invest a good amount of money in. The rug in Harper’s room is from Perth business Oh Happy Home, and I think is the perfect addition for this particular room and theme. Bright and colourful for kids and stylish and on trend to please adults like me as well. I think this particular design is perfectly suited to both a kids room or a living space for people who want to make an on trend space suitable for kids. To layer the floor, I’ve chosen to add a rainbow spotted play mat from My Mila And Me. And I’ve popped it under Harper’s canopy which makes a great little play and reading space for her to use for many years into the future.

PhotoGrid_1518658377879Every room needs a few key feature pieces. Larger items which catch the eye and compliment the smaller items. Of course, the floor rug from Oh Happy Home is one of these major pieces. As is the giant floor cushion from Sugarcane Trading Co. Both items which are great investment pieces that will last for years and can still be used as the kids grow. Another feature piece in the room is the large timber tree from Happee Trees. Both a functional and decorative piece, the tree is a great addition to the room as it adds some height and the natural beige tone breaks up the colour throughout the room nicely. The trees are available in 2 sizes (this is the large) and in an array of beautiful colours too. Another item used to add a level of height to the room is the timber ruler height chart from Drip Designs Studio. The detail and quality of painting on this piece is amazing! It really is a fantastic addition to the room and something we will cherish as the kids grow.

PhotoGrid_1518680318074Every little girl needs a pretty lamp in her room. And the gorgeous love heart one from Livly which Harper received is just beautiful. Not only does it output a bright white light when on, it’s a gorgeous piece in itself even when it’s off. I adore this piece for the room as it’s something I think Harper can keep with her from her baby years through to her adult ones. Another light up item in the room is the gorgeous personalised night-light from Bright Star Kids. It omits just the right amount of light which is perfect for helping a little one get to sleep. These are available in a range of other gorgeous colours and designs as well.

PhotoGrid_1518690575388I decided to keep the bedding simple as we all know its pointless to layer a kids bed with cushions and throw blankets which are going to be thrown on the floor multiple times a day by your darling child. So I chose instead to use some gorgeous linen for Harper’s room. A beautiful hand-made fitted cot sheet from Princess Panda Pants Co. The colourful hot air balloon print is absolutely adorable and ties in perfectly with the pops of colour throughout the rest of the room. To add more fun, I’ve used an island themed quilt cover from Eco Downunder which is neutral and breaks up the colour nicely whilst still being eye-catching with its beach design. Something I have done with both my kids, is instead of buying a cot sized quilt, I always have a single insert and buy single sized covers which I fold in half and tuck around the mattress. Then when the kids transfer to a single bed, they can still use the same bedding and I don’t have to buy new ones.



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Toys. What would a room be without toys? My favorite has to be wooden ones. Gorgeous to look at. And style with. Whilst of course being fun to play with as well.  The bright colours of these toys are already appealing to Harper. I see her eyeing them off up on the Vivid Styling Illusion Shelves already. She already loves playing with the blocks and Bambi wheelie. For all the details on the wooden toys, see the list of involved businesses at the end of the blog. As much as I like wooden toys, I did have to think of Harper and include some soft toys for her to play with now. I can be a bit fussy with toys. I like ones which look good and that the PhotoGrid_1518658710016kids will actually play with often. The Lamaze range by Tomy Australia ticks both those boxes. Since adding a few items from their range in to Harper’s room, I often find her and Jack in there playing with them. Their favorite is the Octotunes musical octopus. It’s my favorite too. Each leg make a different toned tune when squeezed. I’ve mastered twinkle twinkle little star on it already 😁 Where to store these toys? In a personalised wooden toy box from LePetit Cadre of course! The combination of raw timber and white works perfectly against the colour in the toys. I love that these boxes are on wheels so are each to move to another room if needed. And also that they are personalised with your child’s name on the side.

PhotoGrid_1518590953477As Harper’s room is only quite small, I decided to create a mini gallery wall containing an array of colourful artworks rather than spreading them out all over the room. This way, the room looks neat and all of the prints together create a focal point. I combined prints in white frames (*tip. I remove the glass from the frames to make them lighter to hang and safer as well), with some natural pieces like the timber name plaque and natural quote wall decor from Home Mind Soul. Just to break up the colour and add in that natural element that the room needs to calm the brightness. I’ve also added a pop of red with a bee wall decal from Moonface Studio. You can see the others from the set above the shelf on the other side of the room. A giant floor cushion from Sugarcane Trading Co under the gallery wall makes the perfect little area to lay and read a book. See list at the end of the blog to find out where all of these amazing prints are from.

PhotoGrid_1518610784436Of course, I had to include some DIY in the room. The space already contained a white canopy which I didn’t want to part with. So to brighten it up and tie it in with the rest of the room, I sewed on some multi coloured felt balls. Sewing was time-consuming and in all honesty, fabric glue probably would have been an easier option. The end result is great though and the softness of the white fabric with the pops of colour really adds a whimsical and fun vibe to the room. I wanted to include a table and chair set in the room so that both the kids had an area to colour, craft, do puzzles etc. We had an existing Kmart 3 piece set which was a bit worse for ware, but a quick sand back and a few coats of paint, and it was looking brand new. I used some non toxic, eco-friendly paint from small business Colourfied. Their range is affordably priced and perfect for allergy sufferers, asthmatics and chemically sensitive people. A perfect paint choice for a kids room and an amazing colour range to choose from. From pretty, soft pastels through to bright hues like I have used.



Of course, the kids needed some colourful items to use on their newly painted table and chair set. The lovely team At Bright Star Kids sent Harper her own personalised colouring book, textas and puzzle. These items are perfect for at home and later in life at school. To store the textas, a beautiful handmade pencil-case from Poppy And The Wolf and some fun plastic dino/animal planters from When Cara Met Rex, which I have used as a pencil holder (also great for toothbrushes!). To break up the colourful elements and add in some natural, I’ve popped some gorgeous items from amazing Australian small business Rhi Creative. Their kids play cards are fantastic for kids play with and learn at the same time. And their school days book so perfect for jotting down all the special moments from when your kids start school. They also have a matching baby book which is just as special.

IMG_20180213_202024_638At just 9 months old, Harper is a strong and stubborn little girl. She’s walking and exploring and now she has her own wonderland to keep her growing mind entertained. I want to say a huge thank you to all of the businesses involved in creating this room. It is exactly what I envisioned and more. And a true reflection of my colourful and strong willed little girl. I wanted to show that using colour in a kids room can be fun. And I don’t think you could get any more colour or fun in between these four walls! Make sure you keep your eyes on my Instagram page as over the next week I’ll be featuring all of the businesses involved. Some who are sharing a special discount code for my followers.

Zoe – The DIY Decorator 

Creating an Eclectic Interior

IMG_20180129_060240_993Eclectic styling has always been a popular trend for interiors all across the world. But, as easy as it looks to do, it can in fact be a hard style to achieve. There’s actually a skill to creating the look. As hectic and spontaneous as the style appears, there is method behind the madness. If you are trying to create this interior style in your home, rather than throwing a bunch of items together and hoping for the best, plan the eclectic look you are after before you start. Do your research. Google search eclectic interiors and put together a collage of images that appeal to you. Browse stores, both in store and online, to see what’s available. And create a mood board, like my dining and living room eclectic board above made using the Design It Yourself Style Board maker. Assembling items and finishes via a digital mood board gives you an indication of the final result before you begin your decorating journey.

PhotoGrid_1516081676567Let’s start by exploring the eclectic interior trend a bit more. Although the word eclectic has been around for a long time, the eclectic decorating style is a more modern term. The style evolved when designers and architects realised that their particular style wasn’t that of others and so formed their own ‘eclectic style’ trend. Instead of sticking to one particular style, they combined features from other design trends to create this new look. Like these designers, to create a cohesive elclectic interior, you need to carefully put items together which are of interest via shape, texture and colour in order to come up with something that looks and feels harmonious.

PhotoGrid_1516066182519The style of eclectic really is an open book. But to make it work and not look like a junk store, there are some simple rules to keep in mind. Keep your background colours (walls, floors etc.) neutral so that your decorative items are the feature. I would suggest picking either 1 or 2 base colours to work with in your furniture and decorative pieces. This is so there is some harmony and repetition in the space. Using colours that work well together, such as olive green and mustard yellow, keeps the overall look appealing whilst still keeping with the eclectic look. Mix periods and styles. Use old items and new. These days you can get some great replica pieces, but do also go op-shopping or head to weekend garage sales to try and find some fun and quirky pieces.

PhotoGrid_1516066210670To create an eclectic interior, you can combine items which are retro, vintage, rustic and of other styles. It really is such an open form of decorating. Remember to use colour, texture and pattern to add depth to the space. Use items such as books and plants to fill gaps and add interest to the room. Velvets and luxurious fabrics tie in perfectly with the eclectic style. As do patterned rugs and bright cushions. The pops of colour against leather or timber furniture is a great contrast and makes the overall look pop. Really jump in and have fun with using colour and pattern. This is the perfect style to explore and experiment with them. But do remember to step back every now and then to make sure the space isn’t getting cluttered or losing its overall look. Why not try creating your own eclectic mood board using The Design It Yourself style board maker before you start to inspire you and give direction. As they say, practice makes perfect!

Zoe – The DIY Decorator


Everyone knows how hard it can be to buy gifts for interior lovers and those who are obsessed with home décor. (Just ask my husband). We know what we want. And chances are, what you think we would love, we probably won’t…sorry 🙈 We have already pre-decorated our homes 10 years in advance in our heads. So, either give us the cash to go buy what we want or listen to our heavily dropped hints. To help those of you who sweat at the sign of Christmas because you have no idea what to get that special friend or loved one, I have put together my top gift ideas for lovers of all things home décor.

SOMETHING THAT SMELLS NICEPhotoGrid_1509855464114. A candle is always a good idea. (A good quality one anyway) And a refillable candle is an even better idea! Inoko is a Sydney based company offering a stunning, on trend range of refillable candles and diffusers to suit any personality, room or occasion. The timber, concrete and marble vessels are simply gorgeous. With beautiful scents to match. Priced from $30. Website HERE.



SOMETHING BOHO. The biggest trend of the year! Every interior lover has or wants something Boho in their home. Even if it’s a non-decor item (lets be honest, they will decorate with it still) like the Avery bag ($99) from popular NSW based small business Sea Tribe. They have an amazing variety of Bohemian styled home decor items to choose from including cushions, throw rugs and ottomans. Website HERE.


PhotoGrid_1509855429596SOMETHING FOR THE GREEN THUMB. Something for the crazy plant lady (or man). The Tuscan Path fiberglass Abbey Pots are a perfect piece for any interior of exterior and are a favourite amongst many home decor lovers! They also have a large range of other on trend planters, available it most Bunnings Warehouse stores. Prices start at $29. Website HERE.



SOMETHING FOR THE NOT SO GREEN THUMB… If you are buying for someone who isn’t so good at keeping plants alive, consider an artificial plant. These days, they are more realistic than ever and well priced as well. A good investment if you are a plant killer! This lemon beauty vine from Freedom Furniture is just $17.95. A great gift to give for that not so green thumb who can’t handle the real deal. Website HERE.


PhotoGrid_1510141323124SOMETHING PRETTY TO DRINK FROM. Someone who is home decor obsessed is quite likely to love something pretty to sip their tea or coffee out of too. Because let’s be honest, everything is decor obsessed own must look good in a styled photo! The Pavia textured circles mug from Zanui (currently on sale for $4.77ea) will be better received than a mug that says ‘Keep calm, Christmas is coming’ any day! Website HERE.


PhotoGrid_1509857766443SOMETHING TO READ. Home decorators and interior lovers love to gain inspiration by looking at other peoples gorgeous homes and unique styles. Scrolling Pinterest and Instagram is fun, but having an actual hard copy magazine is a lovely gift to receive. A Home Beautiful Magazine subscription is the gift that keeps on giving. A monthly subscription delivered to their door for a whole year for just $79. Subscribe HERE.


PhotoGrid_1509879541405SOMETHING LEATHER/FAUX LEATHER. When isn’t leather in trend? It fits in with a Boho interior. A Scandi interior. An Eclective interior. Leather (or a good faux leatter) is always in style. This Ezibuy Boyd Pouf is a steal at just $79.99. Both a decorative and functional piece, it would make a great addition to any living room or bedroom. Website HERE.



SOMETHING TO HANG ON THE WALL. Photographic prints are very popular at the moment. Florals and botanical prints are especially sought after, especially in large sizes. This Protea prints from Love Your Space are simply gorgeous and would make a great statement piece to any space. Sure to be greatly appreciated by any home decor lover. Prices start from $12. Website HERE.



SOMETHING BLUSH PINK. Yep, blush pink is still hugely in trend and still filling our instagram feeds. What’s great about this muted shade of pink, is that it goes with so many colours and styles of interior. Scandi, boho or any other current trend, blush pink fits right in. One of my fave blush pieces is the Adairs Home Republic Pom Pom throw blanket, which retails for $119.95. Website HERE



SOMETHING TO PUT FLOWERS IN. A nice vase is a great gift idea for a home decor lover, as it is almost guaranteed that they will have fresh blooms somewhere in their home. The Habitat 101 Kano Glass Vase With Timber Base is a great choice as its simple, get eye catching design suits most interior styles. Website HERE.



SOMETHING FOR THE KITCHEN. Kitchens are the heart of the home, and so for a home decorator, it of course must be as styled as the rest of the home. Yet functional as well. The Salt & Pepper Home bread bin fulfills both these needs. Simple, sleek, stylish design as well as an attractive way to store and cut bread. Website HERE


PhotoGrid_1510217960415SOMETHING FOR THE BATHROOM. Country Road Bade bathroom items might not seem like a very exciting gift to give, but trust me, a matching set of gorgeous timber items for the bathroom will have any decor lover drooling. The straight lines and simple combination of whote and timber is perfect for most bathrooms. Prices start from $24.95. Website HERE.



SOMETHING SCANDI. Will this trend ever fizzle out? I dont think so. There’s so many variations of it that I think it’s here to stay. Any Scandi lover will adore the Morphy Richards Scandi Kettle and toaster which are available at  Harvey Norman and other electrical retailers. The stone and pink are both gorgeous and will make any kitchen shine. Priced from $149. Website HERE.



SPLURGE. If you really want to give a gift to impress, how about a new set of dining chairs. These Replica Wishbone chairs from Pillow Talk are not only a gorgeous design, they all fit into many styles of interior and are very popular amongst home decorators. Currently on sale for $179 each (usually $259 each). Website HERE

And if all else fails, but them the largest jar of Nutella you can get your hands on. Because who wouldn’t love that?!?!

Zoe – The DIY Decorator 

Sleep Soundly in Style

DSC_0069 (1)Next year I am 33. My mind still thinks I’m 23, but after giving birth to two children and working a physical job as a decorator for many years, my body just ain’t what it use to be. At the end of an exhaiusting day, I camt wait to jump in to bed. We spend a third of our lives sleeping, so being comfortable and having the right mattress is extrememly important. And especially so for someone like me who relies on a good nights sleep to function. We have had our current mattress for a little over 10 years now and it just doesn’t do the job any more. Or maybe I just care more about comfort these days. Unlike my husband who is the world’s best sleeper and can fall asleep on a concrete floor (I’ve seen this with my very own eyes…) I need to be comfortable or I will have a restless nights sleep. After a decade with our mattress, it is time to say goodbye and switch to something with a bit more support for this achy, half way to 66, body of mine.

PhotoGrid_1512202978359I’ve teamed up with the wonderful team at Amart to test drive (sleep drive?) the Orthokinetic Prestige Decadence Ultra Plush Queen Mattress. Endorsed by the Chiropractic and Osteopathic College of Australasia, this luxurious mattress contains pocket on pocket construction which provides ultimate spinal support and body conformity, comes with a 20 Year guarantee. Aaaaand if you are quick enough, is currently on sale for $2,699.00 (Usually $3,999.00). Features include:

  • 7-Zoned Foam Encased Patented Air Pocket TM Micro Coils – High Coil Count
  • Micro Tencel Top Panel for a Luxurious Feel
  • Gel Infused Visco Elastic Memory Foam and Gel Infused Latex for Ultimate
  • Comfort and Support Anti Pill Surface Treatment with Quality Upholstery Grade Border Fabric

Click here to find it on the Amart website.

DSC_0009 (1)My experience: Dealing with Amart and the delivery team was a breeze. All I had to do was sign on the dotted line and rip of the protective plastic wrapping. I was like a kid on Christmas day, eager to get into my gift. Once unwrapped, it was time to test the comfort. Oh. My. Lord. Was there comfort! What had we been sleeping on for the past ten years? Whatever it was, the Orthokinetic beat it hands down. I kid you not, I popped fresh sheets on and spent the next 2-3 hours sitting and laying on it, counting down the hours until bed time. So how did I sleep? I’ll admit that the first few nights my body was adjusting to sleeping on a softer mattress, which I think is natural. But now my nights have been fabulously comfortable and I’ve been getting really great nights sleeps. My body feels like it’s sinking into the softness of the mattress, yet also feels supported at the same time. I usually wake during the night but now I’m sleeping through. Which is marvelous now that both kids are sleeping 10+ hours at night. I wish I had this mattress when I was pregnant as I think it would have made the world of difference to how I slept. Which was not a lot… This mattress is so soft, but not too soft like some mattresses can be. It really is luxurious and I am beyond happy with it. My husband can sleep on anything, but he agrees that it is super comfortable and that we’ve earnt a mattress this good after having our old one for so long. And we are looking forward to years of comfortable nights, knowing that our mattress comes with a 20 year warranty.

For further information on the Orthokinetic Prestige Decadence and other mattresses available from Amart, head here.

Zoe – The DIY Decorator 


Christmas with Salt & Pepper

During my years as a visual merchandiser, I quite often had the pleasure of working with the Salt & Pepper range. Beautiful items which are of a fantastic quality and are also very affordable. S&P have always had their own unique look while staying on trend with current interior styles. Almost everyone I know has at least one of their pieces in their home and I’m sure wouldn’t say no to adding another item this Christmas. Below is a selection of goodies put together by S&P to suit everyone’s style this festive season. A gift for every one which can be used not only at Christmas, but in every day life as well.



Possibly the hardest people to buy gifts for. They can be fussy. They know what they want. And they tend to buy what they want when they want it… So knowing what to get them can be difficult. Trust me, I’m one of them so I know well how difficult we can be to buy for. S&P have a large range of decorative items including woven baskets, photo frames, lamps, planters and more, which home decorators will certainly approve of. My favourite piece from this range has to be the Zeppelin vase in green.


PhotoGrid_1509931811745GIFTS FOR HER

You mum. Wife or girlfriend. Sister. Friend. They deserve something special for Christmas. Salt & Pepper have a great range of items to decorate with and that are also functional. My favorite gift in this selection is definetly the Luna swing chair. It comes in black and natural and retails at $129.95. Other items suited for that special lady in your life include decorative bowls and planters, lanterns and scented items including candles and diffusers. A beautiful range of gift items to choose from that are guaranteed to put a smile on the face of the receiver.


PhotoGrid_1509931766313GIFTS FOR HIM

It can be so difficult to buy gifts for men. I struggle with what to get the males in my family, so love when I come across a gift guide like this one from S&P to give me a helping hand. I love the idea of getting my husband something like the Bond whisky set as it’s something he would appreciate and enjoy. And it’s also an attractive item that would like great in our home. So I win too. 😉 Anything to do with alcohol or cooking is usually a winner, so items such as cocktail shakers and cheese boards are sure to be a hit with the man in your life.


PhotoGrid_1509931717151GIFTS FOR THE ENTERTAINER

Tis the season for entertaining and celebrating. And so, a gift for the Christmas table or in the kitchen will be very well received by any host and entertainer. A gorgeous punch bowl set, serving trays or some beautiful gold salad servers will spruce up any table in your home or the home of you Christmas host this festive season. My top pick from these items is the Raaw dinner set, which is not only great for entertaining, but every day meal presentation as well. A great gift idea for anyone who takes pride when serving up a meal. Other matching items available in this range also.


I have been lucky enough to style and photograph some gorgeous pieces from the Salt & Pepper range. These items are perfect for any home decor lover and are both beautiful and functional.

PhotoGrid_1511920858656The Hudson utensil multi purpose holder is a fun addition to any kitchen and perfect for someone who likes to cook up a stormThe two in one kitchen accessory is both a utensil holder and a phone or pad holder. The perfect spot to place your device while reading a recipe. Available in white, blue and charcoal, and with gorgeous timber base, the utensil holder retails at just $29.95. Making it a very affordable gift to give a loved one this Christmas. Find it here on the Salt & Pepper website.



PhotoGrid_1511918628969Every home needs a serving board for both decorative and serving purposes. When I’m not using my MADEIRA paddle, it sits in the middle of our dining table holding our salt & pepper grinders, coasters and some decorative pieces. And when we are entertaining, it will become our serving tray. The gorgeous natural mango wood paddle, with roped handle, retails at $59.95 and is not only a great gift to give, but perfect to use to serve up yummy treats on Christmas day and beyond. Find it here on the Salt & Pepper website.


PhotoGrid_1511919607947I am loving natural decor items for the home at the moment and the IRIS footed bowl is definetly one of my favorite pieces in the current Salt & Pepper range. Each hand crafted terracotta bowl is unique, featuring slightly different textures and colours. Retailing at just $39.95, this piece has so many uses including a serving bowl, planter or decorative piece. I’m still deciding what to use mine for…I think after featuring on dining table at Christmas, it might be filled with succulents and used as a decorative piece on our dining table. Find it here on the Salt & Pepper website.


PhotoGrid_1511920028086Is it really Christmas without a touch of bling? The gold Pollock salad bowl is sure to impress any guest this Christmas. The gold splatters add some fun to the Christmas table and is the perfect item for serving your favourite salad or dessert in. Retailing at $39.95, this bowl can be used for any special occasion at any time of the year and would be a well received gift for the entertainer or home decor lover. The Pollock range also includes a matching dinner set, mugs and a platter. Find them here on the Salt & Pepper website.


PhotoGrid_1511919004478I don’t know about everyone else, but a cheeky alcoholic beverage or two is a must have on Christmas day. Of course Santa (dad) will be likely to knock back a few whiskies as well. These BOND tumblers are the perfect addition to the festive season, both to give as a gift and to use. One thing I personally don’t like, is drinking from cheap, thin glass/ware. The Bond tumblers are thick and have a good weight to them. Giving them an overall classy look and feel. Retail price is $39.95 for a set of 4. Find them here on the Salt & Pepper website.


To view the entire range of items to give as a gift or maybe even keep for yourself this Christmas, and to find your nearest stockists, head to the Salt & Pepper website here. I love the S&P slogan ‘Salt & Pepper is Fashion For Your Home’, as it really is. Something special for everyone one. Every home. Every style. And every budget. Happy shopping and a very a very Merry Christmas ❤

Zoe – The DIY Decorator  

Amart Oslo Replica Coffee Table

DSC_0381Back when I was studying for my interior diploma, one of the subjects I enjoyed learning about the most was the history of furniture design. I went in to the course thinking furniture was just something appealing that looked nice within an interior. I finished the course with a whole new appreciation and respect for all furniture designs. Pieces made in the Modernist furniture period especially are some of personal favorite designs. To own one of these original designs would be amazing. However, finding an original and being able to afford one is something that someone like me can only dream about. But that doesn’t mean we have to miss out! Places like Amart Furniture, are offering amazing and affordable replica furniture pieces which the every day home decorator, like myself, can own.

DSC_0348For today’s blog, I have the pleasure of working with the Oslo replica coffee table from Amart Furniture. Click here to view and for product info on the Amart website. A classic , Modernist design with an affordable price tag (currently on sale for $199, down from $249. Bargain!) I have loved this design from early on in my decorating career, so it was easy to choose which coffee table would be perfect in our home. A coffee table is a key piece to a living room. So choosing one that suits your style is key. This glass top table is both perfect for my home and my personal style of decorating. The timber base ties in perfectly with the other natural elements throughout my interior and the unique shape is perfect for our little living room space.

PhotoGrid_1510291270595When picking a coffee table that is right for you, consider the following. Is it a design you are happy with and fits in with your interior? Don’t always opt for items which are in trend. Trends don’t last, so choose something that you actually like and which looks like it belongs in your home. Is it practical for you and your family? If you have kids and don’t like cleaning fingerprints off the top of the table, avoid glass. Is it functional? Are you looking for something with storage or just somewhere to place items upon. Does it fit in the space it is going? Very important! Don’t buy a small coffee table if your room is large, and don’t by a huge table if your room is small. Measure the space you have before heading to the shops. If you aren’t sure what you want, jump online for a browse. Amart have many other great designs apart from the Oslo which are perfect for any style and any budget. Prices starting from just $59. Click here to see the many other coffee table designs in their range. Above left are a few more of my favorites from Amart as well.

Happy shopping and decorating!

Zoe – The DIY Decorator 

We Wish You A Very Natural Christmas


DSC_0296It may come as a surprise to some that I am a bit of a Christmas Grinch. Yes I’m obsessed with home decorating. But Christmas decorating has never been something I could get in to. The rule ‘red and green should never be seen’, I’m a big believer in that and think that’s why I’ve never never gotten into the Christmas spirit and decked out my house with 101 holiday decorations. But, with a 3 year old who is extremely excited for Christmas and a 6 month old who in time will be just as obsessed, I though it was time to ditch my grinch ways and turn our home into a into something Santa himself would be proud of.

BUT there are rules. No red and green. No tinsel. Minimal glitter. No over the top decorating and no battery operated plush chrismtas toys singing irritating Christmas carols (OK, maybe there’s a little touch of grinch left in me still…). So what I have come up with is a natural themed Christmas full of gorgeous white, timber and gold items. A theme that I love in every day decorating so figure I will also love it in Christmas form. With the help of some amazing small business, I have had the pleasure of styling with some gorgeous Christmas items within my own home to share with you how to style your own home this Christmas if a natural theme is up your alley.

PhotoGrid_1510560878252THE TREE. The main attraction and must have item when it comes to Christmas decorating. But, you don’t have to settle for a traditional green tree. These days white and even black trees are very popular. Or an alternative such as a twig ladder tree, a fabric banner tree or even wall decal trees and are a great alternative. This matte gold removable tree sticker to the left from Moonface Studio is a great alternative if you don’t have room for a tree or have tree destroying kids or pets… My tree was a bargain buy. Just $7 in the after Christmas sales at Kmart. I would absolutely love to have a real tree! Maybe next year I’ll be able to convince my husband that we need one.

  • Artificial Christmas Tree. Kmart.
  • Christmas tree wall decal. Moonface Studio. Website. Instagram. From $43.


TREE DECORATIONS. A combination of natural and non coloured ornaments mixed with a little sprinkle of gold is a great combination for any Christmas tree. The ornaments pop against the green and although lacking in colour, are really eye catching when hung on the tree. I’ve used a combination of small business items, retailer items, home made DIY items, along with some cheap eBay decoration wish I’ve used just to fill the gaps. Buying a special decoration each year and adding it to the tree is a great tradition to have with the kids, and one that I myself will be doing from now on (since I’m no longer a grinch 😉). Personalised ornaments are also a beautiful addition to a tree and make decorating it all that more special.

  • Felt ball snow flake ornament. Hello Red Hen. Website. Instagram. $4.95/set 3
  • Personalised name baubles. Famille Designs Website. Instagram. $15
  • Recycled tea bag decorations. Import Ants. Website. Instagram. $18/set 4
  • Paper Diamond drop decoration. Pol & Pom. Website. Instagram. $12
  • Acrylic personalised ornament. Design Mummy. Website. Instagram. $15
  • Felt ball wreath decoration. Hello Red Hen. Website. Instagram. $12.95/set 3
  • Bamboo personalised ornaments. Arlo and Co. Website. Instagram. $15
  • DIY baubles. EBay (search plastic baubles) Prices vary from each supplier. You can also pick up similar ones from Target, The Reject Shop and Riot Art & Craft
  • Personalised LED baubles. Creations by Han. Website. Instagram. $18


GIFT WRAPPING. My all time favorite gift wrapping is plain, brown paper. It’s cheap. You can use it for other occasions throughout the year. And it looks great! The simple combination of the brown paper, some twine and a gorgeous Christmas gift tag, to me is a beautiful way to present a gift. The addition of some fresh rosemary from the garden makes it that extra special. For this theme, you could also use a plain white wrapping paper. Some recycled newspaper or to add a little more sparkle, some gold glitter wrapping. For an added touch, a personalised bamboo name tag such as the ones from Arlo & Co not only look beautiful, but are also a gift as they can be kept by the recipient too.


THE GIFT. Any lover of a neutral themed Christmas will love a gift to match! My pick for a gift any mum would love this Christmas is a Morphy Richards kettle and/or toaster available from Harvey Norman and other electrical retailers. The gorgeous Scandinavian design is ideal for the home decor lover who loves a well designed, on trend piece for their kitchen. I love mine, Merry Christmas to me!! Click here to view the Morphy Richards range. $149.











FOR THE KIDS. Something a little extra special for Christmas is giving the kids their own santa sacks and/or stockings. This year, we will give each of the kids a Christmas Eve gift in their personalised Small Print Design stocking and then their other gifts in their personalised Santa Sacks from Just Because Prints on Christmas dayTo really make the Chrismas Eve experience fun, why not put out a treat board for Santa and his reindeer. Some cookies and a glass of milk for Santa and of course a carrot or two for Rudolph. Grandad Pats Treasure Trove offer great boards which can be personalised with your family name. Details below. To go with the board, a personalised scrabble art frame (Love J Frame) is something the kids will adore. Howe & Zo are a fantastic Perth small business who handmade many gorgeous timber items including these Christmas blocks. My son already loves playing with them. I am so excited to watch the kids experience Christmas this surrounded by all these gorgeous items.

PhotoGrid_1510562244366CHRISTMAS TABLE. Whether you like to go all out and dress the dining table for Christmas lunch or simply add a bon bon with your regular tableware, it’s fun to spruce up the table in celebration for a day of fun with family and friends. I like the idea of a little decoration without too much preparation. So for our natural themed Christmas table, I have put together a few simple items including dinner ware and cutlery, a linen napkin with a personalised name tag, and a delicious scented soap bon bon from Murphy & Daughters. All sat upon a glitter placemat from Kmart to add a bit of sparkle. To add to the table, I have run some of the brown paper gift wrap down the centre to create a table runner and have used some lantern string lights also from Kmart, along with some gorgeous Christmas scented candles from Aria Rose Collection to finish the table setting. Touches of greenery, real or artificial, compliment the natural items used and make the table setting pop.

  • Fangipani scented soap bon bons. Murphy & Daughters. Website. Instagram. $11
  • Bamboo personalised ornaments. Arlo and Co. Website. Instagram. $15
  • Felt ball garland. Hello Red Hen. Website. Instagram. From $24.95
  • Gold glitter placemat. Kmart. $1.50
  • Irregular natural dinner plate. Kmart. $3
  • Lantern string lights (party section). Kmart. $2
  • Bamboo cutlery. Kmart. $3/pack 18
  • Wooden bead cutlery hold and garland made by me. More info further down the page in the DIY section.

PhotoGrid_1511060582794TABLE CENTREPIECE. If you have the room, it can be nice to include a centerpiece in the middle of your Christmas table. For this centrepiece I have used a white woven basket and filled it with a variety of Christmas items of varying heights to create an eye-catching centrepiece. The inclusion of candles and twinkle lights works well with the white and natural items and really makes the piece stand out on the table. The gorgeous timber Christmas scene from Habitat 101 is a gorgeous inclusion and one of my favorite Christmas decor items. The blonde timber model which lights up, plays music and has a little train which moves around will be loved by both the kids and adults.



DIY CHRISTMAS. I wouldn’t be The DIY Decorator if I didn’t I include some DIY in my Christmas decorating now would I! Me and the kids had fun making some DIY goodies for the Christmas tree.

DSC_0047DIY beaded garland. A quick and easy DIY project simply using various sized wooden beads and some twine. I purchased my beads from eBay and the twine is from Spotlight. Simply create a loop at the end of a length of twine then string on your beads to the desired length. Finish with another loop then wrap around the Christmas tree. This would also look really nice with some twinkle lights wrapped around it.


DSC_0144Salt Cookie ornaments. Such an easy and fun project to make on your own or with the kids. There are no limits to what you can make with this recipe. We made some fairly straight forward ornaments but if you had the time (and patience) you could make some very detailed decorations. Simply make your ornaments, making sure you leave a hole to string twine through for hanging on the tree, and bake. Your salt cookie will then be rock hard and ready to decorate. You can paint them or leave them plain as the natural dough colour fits out natural Christmas theme well.

PhotoGrid_1510560743144CHRISTMAS SCENTS. Ginger bread. A roast cooking or BBQ grilling. Some if the wonderful scents of Christmas day. I also love to have a candle or two lit just for that something extra special. A Gorgeous mulled wine, ginger bread or a frosted cranberries scented candle is the perfect special touch for a special occasion. The air filled with a fragrant scent is a nice treat for your Christmas guests. They are also a gorgeous gift to give to someone if you a guest in their home on Christmas day.



  • Christmas candle in clear jar. Milkies Candle Co. Website. Instagram. From $18
  • Christmas candles in amber jar. Aria Rose Collection. Website. Instagram. From $25


SOMETHING SPECIAL. Something personalised or a little different from the usual Christmas decoration, is a great idea for making your Christmas day that extra special. A family Christmas baubles to hang on the tree is a great way to personalise your decorating. It would also be a lovely gesture to give one as a gift to friends or family. These ones from Creations By Han are not only personalised, but also contain LED lights which you can turn on and off via an attached switch. They look absolutely stunning hanging on the tree! The stack of books from Perfect Print Co is one if my favorite items I’ve had the pleasure of working with for the blog. They are very unique and something to keep and treasure for years to come. And they look perfect amongst the other natural decorations in our home.


EXTRA TOUCHES. If you are a real Christmas fanatic, you will want everything on the day to be extra special and Christmas related. These gorgeous hand made tea towels by Riverlane Studio are that perfect addition to the Christmas table for our natural theme. These are not only items perfect to use on Christmas day, but also to give as a gift. The screen printed range includes tea towels, aprons and bunting (which looks stunning draped around the Christmas tree). Website. Instagram. From $17.



PhotoGrid_1510809745719DECORATIONS TO USE ALL YEAR. Items such as these eco-friendly Christmas tree decorations aren’t just for Christmas. Using natural items to decorate with is a bonus because they aren’t red and green and so aren’t screaming Christmas. So you can use a lot of the items all year round. These decorative tress are from Import Ants and are actually made from coconut husk and other recycled products. Available in two designs, timber or wire base, they are long lasting, biodegradable and plastic free. And they tie in beautifully with the rest of our home decor and so I wont be packing them up after Christmas! Website. Instagram. From $13.95.

PhotoGrid_1510659608916SOMETHING TO EAT. And also something you can make with the kids. My son Jack loved making these shortbread cookies with his Christmas stamp from The Little Cook Australia. My go to recipe for yummy biscuits that are easy to make in no time at all. Butter, sugar, vanilla essence and flour. Easy! Google simple shortbread recipe for full ingredients and method. Once the dough is made, simply stamp with The Little Cook Australia round Christmas tree stamp and bake. We are going to whip up a batch Christmas Eve to give to everyone on Christmas day. And some for Santa of course. Website. Instagram. $8.95.

I know it’s a lot to take in, but I hope the gorgeous items in this piece have given you some inspiration for your own Christmas decorating this year. I have been so lucky to work with some amazing businesses and simply stunning decorative pieces over the last few weeks and have really enjoyed styling up a natural, winter wonderland. And I actually think that the Grinch in me may be gone for good!

*keep your eyes on my Instagram over the next few days as many of the featured businesses will be offering discount codes for their online stores. Lots of saving to be had! 

Zoe – The DIY Decorator 

Colour Injection

IMG_20171022_122009_628Using colour in decorating can be overwhelming. Even for an Interior Decorator like myself. During my Interior Decorating TAFE course, we had to create a mood board using our least favorite colour. The reason we were given this assignment was that as decorators, we would face the challenge of using colours we disliked when working with clients in the future. So it was a good idea to appreciate all colours, even ones you struggle with using. Definetly one of my favorite projects which I certainly learnt from and used later in my career. I chose the colour yellow. A colour I never liked and knew I would struggle to use. By completing the assignment, I learnt that you shouldn’t be scared to use any colour within an interior because the more your learn about a colour, including its different shades, what other colours and finishes it goes well with, and which items it’s best suited to, the better you understand the colour and actually come to love and appreciate it. I received a great grade for my assignment and found a whole new love for yellow at the same time. A very beneficial project which still gives me inspiration to experiment and learn about colours. Fun fact; mustard, a shade of yellow, is now one of my favorite colours 💛 Obviously my daughter Harper (above) is a fan of pink 💗

I’ll fully admit that using colour can still make me nervous. I am a person who wears a lot of black and who loves neutral tones and textures over bold, bright colour in my own home. But I am evolving. Experimenting. And learning more about how to use colour for both my own and my clients style. So today I want to share with you all how to go about introducing colour into your own home and using it in ways to suit your interior. And also to show you how I have used some stunning bedding from Siesta Home in my own bedroom to achieve a colourful, eclectic look.

PhotoGrid_1508638272642Who is Siesta Home? You may have seen their eye catching bedding range as you have been scrolling Instagram as it is a brand that is popping up everywhere right now! Siesta Home is a Melbourne based business started by Mum of two, Designer and former Olympic snowboarder, Joh Lyle. Joh, known for her colourful snowboarding outfits seen during the 2006 and 2010 Olympic Games, began Siesta Home after renovating her Melbourne home and finding herself gravitate towards colours, patterns and prints. After completing her renovations, she designed a gorgeous range of bedding collections with the mission to inspire people to bring some fun and colour into the bedroom PhotoGrid_1508638155257and to be experimental with their bedding choices. Siesta’s new Nomad range is inspired by the feeling of wanderlust. Being surrounded by nature and starry nights, the collection is an eclectic spectrum of unexpected colours and textures that encourage a mix & match mentality. The luxe range features beautiful, high quality materials including cotton velvet, cotton linen and cotton percale.

I am lucky enough to have in my posession the Storm Dust/Gypsy reversible duvet cover and a pair of the Fern Velvet pillow covers from the new Siesta Home Nomad range, which I have included in my colour injection bedroom makeover. The colour of the duvet cover is simply stunning! A gorgeous, rusty IMG_20171022_180954_541mustard tone on one side, and a beautiful, bright hot pink on the reverse side. A statement piece in itself. Complementing the cover are the devine, luxe velvet pillow slips. Beautiful to look at and to touch. Soft, luscious and beyond comfortable to rest your head on at the end of a long day, let me tell you! Pure luxury. I love the idea of mixing different colours in bedding. It’s something that’s easy to change and which can be layered and rearranged to your own liking. If you want to add a burst of colour to a room, I suggest introducing your main colour(s) first. I like the colour blocking technique (solid colour over pattern and texture) which is why the Siesta range is something I love working with. That’s not to IMG_20171022_181452_704say that you can’t mix bright colours with pattern. Style is style. It’s an individual thing which works if you love it. However it looks. My tip would be to plan your use of colour before making your purchases. Scour the internet. Gain inspiration from Pinterest and make yourself a colour inspiration board. After a while, you’ll see a style emerge. Along with discovering what colours take your fancy. And you can take inspiration from both these things. Also, create a mood board. Check that the items look good together before committing to owning them. Start with your solid colours and then layer with different tones of those colours. Or texture or pattern. Or a mix ofmdifferent colours. Have fun with it! But don’t go overboard and create a mess of colours. A great tip is that when you think the room is done, remove one item or finish, as quite often there is too much happening and by removing an element you will create a more harmonious look. It is easy to over do it when decorating. So always take a step back.

IMG_20171022_181319_145If you are eager to include colour in your home but don’t think a eclectic mix of colour is for you, use different tones of the same colour instead. Or add in some textural items such as tassel cushions or some leather items to tone down the overall colour scheme. To compliment my Siesta Home bedding, I have used cushions and a throw blanket to break up the bright mustard and green and bring it some natural elements to the room as well. This creating a more colourful, eclectic, Boho style rather than just a room based on colour. I have used a gorgeous textured cushion from Sea Tribe, a faux tan leather cushion from Kmart and some beautiful green patterned cushions from Earth Ink to compliment the bedding and add in my own personal style to the bedroom. A natural coloured, light throw blanket from IKEA and a patterned, IMG_20171022_181401_222monochrome second quilt cover from Spotlight finishes the layering of the bed. Above the bed, I’ve added in some more colour, along with texture, by hanging a beautifully made piece by Macrame By Bec. Colour in artworks or wall hangings is a great way to incorporate even more colour into a room. You could of course tone down the colours on the wall, leaving items such as a bed or couch the focal point of a room. The same rule applies with decorative items. You could choose colourful items to compliment the other items of colour used in the space, or tone down the colour scheme by choosing more natural homewares. Plants are also a fantastic idea when adding colour to a room. Colours pop against greenery and as I always say, a plant, whether real or artificial, finishes a room.

PhotoGrid_1508660759670So, what colours do you use? Whatever colours you like! Your favourite colour. A selection of colours you personally love. Or be brave and use colours outside of your comfort zone. Take inspiration from something you love. An item of clothing. A piece of artwork or a photograph. Or simply use your favorite colour or favourite combination of colours. Colour is fun! And should be fun to work with. And like I said before, you are free to use it however you like to create your own individual style. What rules? Go all out and use a variety of colours like my example mood board to the left made using the Style Sourcebook website.

Colour is happy. Playing with colour in any form of life is fun. I know that since adding the Siesta Home bedding and some other items of colour in to our bedroom, it has immediately become a more inviting room in our home and the use of colour creates an instant mood boost the moment you enter it. So as the days warm up and summer draws near, why not be brave and add a colour injection in to your home too 💙💚💛💜

Zoe – The DIY Decorator