Not to brag….but I’m currently having the best sleep of my life! Ok, Ok, I’m bragging a little! I have trialled and tested plenty of bedding over the years, and I can hands down say that what’s currently on my bed is some of the most beautiful and comfortable bedding I’ve ever had on there! And the best part is it’s from an Australian small business! Linen Barn is a Queensland based family business offering absolutely stunning and affordable linen wares. With a true love of linen, it’s no wonder why founder Edita has sourced the most beautiful linen pieces including not only bedding, but table and kitchen ware items to provide to her customers.

Apart from its good looks, linen has many other benefits which make it a strong contender for when it comes to selecting bedding. Being that it has been used in homes for generations should give a strong indication to why it’s such a great material option to introduce in to the home. Reasons to love fall in love with and consider linen:

  • Linen has a distinct, luxurious soft texture that gets softer and more supple with each wash and gets better with age.
  • It is a breathable fabric which is both highly air permeable and heat conducting meaning that it keeps you warm in the winter and cool in summer.
  • Linen is twice as durable as cotton bedding and can last for decades. This means you are getting your moneys worth making linen bedding a great investment!

What can make linen bedding even better? Combining it with the very popular gingham trend! Linen Barn stock a fabulous range of gingham sheets and quilt covers sets available in an array of beautiful colours. When it comes to styling linen bedding, you can leave it creased for a more casual look. Or, iron it out nice and flat like I have with the light blue sheet and quilt cover to create a more formal look. I love this soft blue paired with the neutrals of our master bedroom which creates an inviting, country look to the space. With spring in the air, I’ve left this look quite simple. Letting the quilt cover be the star. However you could easily layer this look with a coverlet, throw blanket and extra scatter cushions in a blue or natural tone to compliment the beautiful gingham design.

Linen Barn have kindly given me a discount code to pass on to my audience. Simply enter code ‘ZOE10’ at checkout for 10% off. *Expires September 30th 2022.