Home Styling With Poster Store

Wall decoration. The perfect pieces to start your decorating journey with and take inspiration from. Or a way to give a finished space an instant update or new look without blowing your budget. Whether it’s an art or photo print, canvas or decorative wall hanging, visual elements on our walls can help dictate which other items to incorporate in to a room with them. From them you can take the colour, texture and pattern and repeat them via other elements within the space including soft furnishings, floor rugs and decor pieces to create a harmonious and flowing interior. Using artwork or photography also helps to tell a story and set the overall scheme and style of a space, so selecting the right ones is a key point to interior decorating. Recently I updated my wall art in a space within my own home using prints from Poster Store to give it a fresh new look and compliment some other new additions in there which I’ll share more about below. Poster Store carry a wide range of prints and posters, as well as beautiful frames to pop them in. So if you are looking for new wall art, make sure your check out their extensive range! *I also have a 55% off discount code for you to use as well at the end of this blog.


Once you have established your wall decoration budget, your next decision is size. You art should be in proportion not only to the wall it’s on, but also with the furnishings it’s accompanying. For larger walls, you can opt for a large poster, or multiple smaller prints as I have done. Select designs that you are instantly attracted to. Use the save tool on the Poster Store website ❤ to gather some options. Then once you have a few, view them all side by side to see which ones work best together and for the space they will be used in. When it came to selecting my prints, I wanted to bring in more brown tones to the space so I browsed and saved designs that fit that brief. I then narrowed down to 4 prints that worked well together and in my existing timber frames which I think tie in perfectly in this area.


The print or poster is the main star, yes. But selecting a frame to accompany it is just as important! The style of your frame should reflect your interior style. Straight edge and sleek for a modern interior and more ornate designs for period or more eclectic style homes. Also consider the width of the frame. Thicker frames create more of a statement where thinner ones and more subtle and and let the contained art be the hero. When it comes to colour, it can be a personal preference, or sometimes the artwork itself calls for a particular toned frame. Most commonly our choices are timber, black, white and metallic. I like to add warmth to my own home so opt for timber and metallic frames which compliment my natural style artworks and surrounding decor pieces.


Does art always need to be hung? Absolutely not! Leaning prints on top of furniture pieces or even on the floor can look fantastic and is a great way to display framed pieces and fill spots around the home. It’s also a popular option for renters who may not be able to hang any wall decoration. Using smaller frames and prints sat upon bedside tables as I have done below is a great way to bring in a decorative element whist still leaving space to use the table top for use. The pop of metallic of the Poster Store gold frame breaks up the ither natural elements nicely. This works well with a single frame, or with frames of different sizes layered together as well.

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