5b6be2f34a2edThe DIY Decorator is the creation of Perth based Interior Decorator Zoe Gilpin. Over the years, it has become a popular social media platform, with over 70 thousand follows, for sharing all things interior related for the every day home decorator. Blogs, mood boards, personal style, small business support, shopping finds and much more. Zoe believes that everyone can afford to decorate their home within their budget and to their own personal style with a little guidance. Keep an eye on The DIY Decorator Instagram aand Facebook pages for daily inspiration.


The Sunday Times Home liftout, November 2018.

PhotoGrid_1539606337090Recently I wrote a guest blog for Airtasker on how to create a Scandinavian style makeover using under $300 worth of items from IKEA. With the addition of just a few affordable items, you can create a whole new look and have your home looking magazine worthy! Head here to find out what items I used and how I arranged them together to create the look.


If you need assistance decorating your own home and love The DIY Decorator style, Zoe is available to help you out in person or online. Yes that’s right! Even if you aren’t Perth based, Zoe can work with you via email to create a mood board specifically for your home. See the services page for more information.

Are you an Australian or New Zealand business looking for some promotion and styled pictures featuring your product? Zoe from The DIY Decorator has over 10 years experience in interior decorating, visual merchandising and brand promotion and offers a product styling service for businesses within the home decor and interiors industry. For more information, head to the services page.

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You may not think that a room like bathroom necessarily needs decorating. But you may be amazed at how little it takes and what you can achieve if you know what to do. For my top tips, head to the MyDeal.com.au blog to find out more.

Do you have a spare room filled with junk and collecting dust? Why not transform in to a room with a purpose. To see my tips along with 7 other wonderful ideas on how to transform your empy space into a room that not only has a purpose but looks great as well, head on over to MyDeal.com.au .

“The support Zoe a.k.a The DIY Decorator has shown Raphael St Candle Co. is beyond anything we could have ever imagined. There is truly an authentic passion behind her work. We can’t thank her enough for the monumental impact she has had on our small business’s social media presence.” 

Jasmine-Raphael St Candle Co.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to have had the pleasure of having Zoe represent my brand Feather + Oak for a three month period towards the end of 2015. She was always very committed, professional & simply oozing style in every task she would perform. She exceeded all my expectations, went above and beyond what was asked of her to the point where she still includes posts featuring my products past the point of our 3 month agreement. This shows her generous nature and strength of character. I would definitely be more than happy to work with her again in future and I just can’t recommend her highly enough! Zoe is an absolute treasure!” 

-Stace, Feather And Oak